YouTube Shuts Down Channel of Former Navy SEAL for Revealing Nathan Phillips’ Stolen Valor

In case you are not familiar with the term, stolen valor refers to people who falsely claim military experience and honors that never took place.

Don Shipley is a retired Navy SEAL who has made it his mission to expose those who make false military claims – those who try to steal the valor from real veterans and heroes.

Shipley had his own channel on YouTube with a following of over 230,000 subscribers.

After exposing that American Indian Nathan Phillips, the man involved in the fake news that slandered students from Covington Catholic High School, had lied about his military background, YouTube pulled the plug on his channel.

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PJ Media – YouTube Deplatforms Retired Navy SEAL Who Exposed Tribal Elder Nathan Phillips’ Stolen Valor – YouTube last week deplatformed a YouTube channel that specialized in exposing Stolen Valor cases. “Stolen Valor,” of course, refers to cases where dishonorable pretenders are caught making fraudulent claims of military honors they didn’t earn. Retired Navy Seal Don Shipley has made it his life’s mission to expose these shameless charlatans. His channel had 232,806 subscribers at the time it was taken down and had been in operation since around 2008.

He told PJ Media that he thinks his channel was taken down because he had “outed Nathan Phillips,” who had “masqueraded as a Vietnam vet.”

Jim Hanson


.@YouTube @TeamYouTube

Your ongoing viewpoint discrimination against the Right is wrong & un-America

But taking down the channel of #DonShipley who exposes #StolenValor military poseurs is disgraceful

Fix This! …

Shipley confirmed that he’d been “booted off YouTube” in a post on his “Extreme SEAL Adventures” Facebook page on February 21…

Shipley also stated that YouTube has been placed in channel in what he calls YouTube Prison previously after those he exposed to be phonies complained to YouTube.

His latest sentencing to YouTube prison resulted after he exposed tribal elder Nathan Phillips as lying about his military service.

Phillips claimed to have been a ‘recon ranger’ and Vietnam veteran, but Shipley discovered that Phillips had never been deployed outside the United States.

Once he revealed the truth about Phillips, YouTube pulled the plug on Shipley’s channel.



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