Young Democrats Causing Major Rift in Party

On the surface, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi seems to be warm and welcoming to the new class of freshmen Representatives.

Deep down, Pelosi must be frantic and seething as the new class of freshmen Democrats are creating a rift that is splitting the Democratic Party apart and challenging Pelosi’s leadership position.

The fracturing of the Democratic Party could be fatally damaging to the party in a number of ways.

While Pelosi wants to unite Democrats in her war against Trump, Ocasio-Cortez seems to be leading younger members of the party further to the left and in defiance of Pelosi.

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Fox News – Ocasio-Cortez and freshman allies amass power, creating problems for Pelosi and party – Freshman Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s Twitter bio declares her the “Unbossed Congresswoman” for Michigan’s 13th District.

While the moniker has roots in Shirley Chisholm’s successful campaign to become the first black congresswoman, nowadays it also could be seen as a blunt message to Democratic leadership: Nobody is bossing around the class of 2019.

And that’s a problem for party bosses.

On everything from the Green New Deal to impeachment to criticism of Israel, a squad of first-year congresswomen are flexing their muscle and posing an implicit challenge to Democratic honchos like Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Their stridently liberal agenda – and power to steer the national conversation via social media and press attention – has fueled tensions inside the party tent that in turn are testing leadership’s control while stirring political concerns going into 2020.

“All of our problems are caused by three people,” one senior House Democrat lamented to Fox News…

To be honest, this growing rift within the Democratic Party could be a very good thing for President Donald Trump, Republicans, the American people and the future of America.

Much is being written about the rapid push towards socialism by some of the younger and more radical members of the Democratic Party.

This push to socialism is splitting the party apart.

The infighting could definitely weaken the Democrats’ chance of winning elections in 2020, especially the election for the White House.

It could also help drive some of the more conservative liberals (if there is such a thing) towards the Republican Party, which is a good thing come election time.



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