X-Files: Remembering Gillian Anderson and Killing Kids for ‘Climate Change’

Mulder and Scully returned with “The X-Files” on FOX this Sunday. And while X-philes celebrate this, it’s a good time to remember that Gillian Anderson (Scully) participated in “No Pressure,” a 2010 “climate change” advocacy video that blew up anyone — including kids — who wouldn’t submit to the climate change lie.

“No Pressure” received a lot of attention when it premiered and public outrage quickly swelled against it. But Jim Edwards, at CBSNews.com, was outraged with the outrage, writing a piece called, “Why Killing Kids in a Climate Change Ad Was the Right Thing to Do”.

So the group commissioned Richard Curtis, director of Love Actually and Pirate Radio and writer of Four Weddings and a Funeral, to make a video that people might actually pay attention to. He succeeded magnificently: His film shows a series of trite vignettes from ordinary life in which anyone who does not agree to go green is summarily blown to bits. There’s blood and gore everywhere. . .

No one but the most extreme climate change denier believes this is actually what environmentalists want. It’s obviously just a joke outrageous enough to actually get people’s attention.

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Make of that what you will. And as you do, remember that “X-Files” star Gillian Anderson contributed to “No Pressure”.



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