World War Won! Cross Stays, Judge Rules

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Good news on religious liberty isn’t exactly easy to come by these days. But that certainly makes victories like yesterday’s sweeter! For months, the American Humanist Society had been fighting to tear down a 90-year old World War I memorial in Maryland. Liberty Institute, which is no stranger to cross cases, went to bat for the display on behalf of the American Legion.

And thanks to a decision by U.S. District Judge Deborah Chasanow, religious freedom won! In a rare moment of clarity on the bench, the court ruled in a 36-page opinion that the Peace Cross (as it’s called) may be religious, but that doesn’t make it illegal. Chasanow admitted that the cross was a Christian symbol but explained that its “primary purpose was not religious in nature.” Instead, she wrote, “There is overwhelming evidence in the record showing that the predominant purpose of the monument was for secular commemoration.”

Protecting the Bladensburg monument, Liberty’s Kelly Shackelford celebrated, “helps ensure that all of America’s veterans’ memorials — and the veterans they honor — will be protected.” And that’s exactly the kind of freedom these soldiers died fighting for.

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