World War 3 Fears Looming over South China Sea Conflict Between US and China

China has been claiming jurisdiction of the South China Sea, which is hundreds of miles from the Chinese coast and closer to the Philippines and Vietnam than it is to China.

Earlier this year, there have been several close confrontations between the US Navy and the Chinese navy, with one incident resulting in a near collision of warships.

China’s defense minister has issued a strong warning to the US over our naval maneuvers and patrols in the South China Sea, leading many to fear the stand off confrontations could lead to World War 3 between the two superpowers.

Sunday Express – A LEADING Chinese military general has warned that a confrontation between US and Chinese warships in the South China Sea would be a “disaster” – amid fears that this event remains at a “very high chance”.

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China’s Defense Minister Wei Fenghe has issued a stern rebuke of the US and warned that an accidental clash between the two countries could erupt in a global war. The shock warning came in the middle of a press conference with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis. This comes just a day after the Chinese unveiled newly developed high-tech weapons, including supersonic missiles and stealth drones.

At the press conference, held in Washington DC, top US officials urged their Chinese counterparts to halt militarization of the disputed South China Sea…

During the past few US presidential administrations, presidents were too afraid to push the issue with China and tended to back away.

President Trump, in his quest to make America great again and to return America to its once powerful greatness, Trump has taken the stance of not backing down, especially since most other nations also do not recognize China’s claim to the international waters.

Neither China nor Trump are willing to back down at this time and the tensions in the South China Sea has been described as so tense that one could almost walk on it.



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