Women’s Counselor Hammers Charlize Theron: ‘How Can You Compare Press Intrusion To Rape?’

Barb Wire

By Kristen Iglesias

Miss Theron,

It almost seems like celebrities are getting together and trying to make up outrageous and insensitive things to say that compare their glamorous lives to those of people that have gone through mentally disturbing events in their own lives. After Gwyneth Paltrow comparing ‘mean’ social media comments about her to ‘war’, and now you saying that you don’t ‘Google’ yourself because, “When you start living in that world, and doing that, you start I guess feeling raped,” I think you both need a reality check.

I honestly don’t know if you have ever been raped, but I don’t assume that you have because people who have gone through that traumatic event in their life don’t typically throw the word around that casually. People who have experienced rape usually don’t have the same outcome as reading nasty things about themselves. I know it might be hard to be making millions of dollars and still having people that don’t like you, but that is astronomically different than having someone completely violate you physically and mentally.

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I have never been raped myself, but have talked to a several women who have and know that they would have MUCH rather preferred someone to say something mean about them than to have experienced that. There are just a few things that can happen to you when you get raped, according to some of my friends, please let me know if you have experienced any of these from reading mean things about yourself:

-Completely losing their sense of self-worth and value because they now think that they are damaged goods, dirty or disgusting, and feel endless shame; which forces them to go through years upon years of counseling.

-Flashbacks, which can be triggered by the slightest remembrance of the event and can cause panic attacks.

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