Women Routinely Sexually Abused in North Korea

Before the pseudo peace extended by North Korea, a couple of escaped North Korean female soldiers had reported on the terrible, cruel and abusive system they lived under.

They were routinely subjected to sexual assaults with no recourse or justice on their part.

They had to re-use feminine napkins and rags and were often put through such a physically strenuous regimen that they often didn’t even have menstrual cycles.

It’s not being reported that a number of North Korean authorities regularly and violently sexually assault women and that they do so with little to no impunity.

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USA Today – While North Korea remains one of the most repressive societies in the world, life for women there is especially harsh, according to a report released on Thursday by New York-based Human Rights Watch.

North Korean authorities routinely commit sexual violence against women with impunity, according to the report, which was based on interviews with 54 North Koreans who fled the country and eight former officials.

“Unwanted sexual contact and violence is so common that it has come to be accepted as part of everyday life,” the 86-page report says.

Women interviewed for the report described patterns of sexual abuse and discrimination in virtually every social setting in which they encounter government officials and security forces, from detention centers to checkpoints to the marketplaces that have sprung up around the country.

Almost all are afraid to report the abuses for fear of public humiliation and retribution.

“It is unimaginable how anybody would go to the police generally, even more so to file (a case of rape),” said Kim Sun Young, a female farmer in her fifties who is quoted in the report…

If America’s politicians are demanding that President Donald Trump take severe and harsh action against Saudi Arabia over the assassination of reporter Jamal Khashoggi, then they should be even more outraged over the North Korean treatment of women.

Both Democrats and Republicans claim to be concerned about human rights and if that’s true, then the news from North Korea should be of great concern to them all.

The apparent silence on the part of America’s politicians clearly demonstrates that their interest in human rights is selective and ingenuine.



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