Woman Wakes from Coma, Delivers Christmas Miracle

By Efrem Graham and Alesia Hill

CBN News — This is a special Christmas for one Tampa, Florida, man. Angel Quiles is spending the holiday with his wife and newborn daughter, but an accident nearly killed both of them just two months ago.

While seven months pregnant, Jenny Quiles was hit by tow truck as she tried to cross the street on October 15, 2014.

The proud new parents shared their miracle story of survival with CBN News only days after mom’s December release from the hospital.

Angel Quiles recalled hearing the news that his wife was hit by a tow truck.

“When I got the call, at first, I was like ‘She got into an accident. It’s a car accident. It must not be too bad,'” he told CBN News.

“Normally they would take precautions with a woman that’s pregnant. That is probably why she is in the hospital. When they told me she was walking and it was physically, bodily harm, I said, ‘Jesus!'” he said.

Angel’s initial cry to Jesus was the first of many prayers for his wife, who doctors diagnosed as unresponsive and bleeding in five different places in the brain.

They were prepared to operate and drill a hole in her skull to relieve pressure when Angel called on more people to pray.

Angel described what happened next.

“Somehow – we don’t know how this happened – there was a miraculous hole that was already created in the back of her head which started to leak blood. So, in turn they didn’t have to drill a hole — the hole was already drilled,” he said.

Angel counts that hole as only the first miracle. His wife also awoke from a medically induced coma.

“It’s like she is trying to tell me that she is about to give birth,” Angel recalled. “I am not sure what she is trying tell me.”

“I ask her OB-GYN if there is any way we can check and the OB-GYN comes in at about five or six o’clock in the morning. I go and she says, ‘Hey, you need to come back in. Jenny is two centimeters dilated.’ I said, ‘How can that be?'” he recalled.

Doctors soon delivered a healthy Angel Naomi Quiles by caesarean section. The infant went home with dad to meet family in November, and on Dec. 12, 2014 mom returned home from the hospital after months of physical therapy.

Her arrival comes just in time for Christmas.

“I am feeling a little bit better,” Jenny Quiles told CBN News. “I am still recuperating. But I am happy because I remember my past, and a little bit of the present.”

Jenny is still working to regain a lot of her memory. There’s also still a struggle for her to get back on her feet physically and for the young family to get back on their feet financially in the face of mounting medical bills.

**You can help the Quiles family by visiting this website.

“Everything you see today I thank God for and those doctors, because she was not seeing what you see her do today,” Angel told CBN News. “I mean, this is amazing.  I mean, we went to church last night.”

Report via CBN News

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