With Trump’s ‘Tar Baby’ Promises, Americans Will Be Stuck with Tyranny

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Donald Trump loves calling people names. So it’s hard to resist the temptation to respond in kind. And I won’t pretend to quibble with those who apply the term “moronic” to his original proposal to deny any and all entry visas into the United States to all adherents of Islam (excepting, perhaps, U.S. citizens and those serving in the armed forces of the United States). But far from thinking that Mr. Trump is a moron, he appears to me to be a brilliant tactician in the war to overthrow our Constitutional republic, and bring America’s exceptional liberty to an end.

If you aren’t familiar with what I have written about Trump since he entered the lists for the GOP’s nomination for President, truth in advertising requires me to observe that I have, from the first, believed that his candidacy is an elitist faction ploy. Trump’s boldly intemperate rhetoric is meant to play on the combative mood of grassroots Americans justifiably angry about the evident treasons being committed against the Constitution and sovereignty of the American people. Even his supporters have the common sense to realize that his formulations are both offensive and impractical, but they revel in the appearance that he is getting in the face of the elitist faction tools that control both the Democrat and Republican parties.

Carried away by this emotional satisfaction, Trump’s enthusiasts are not in the mood to consider the fact little or nothing about his career resonates consistently with the positions he now pretends to espouse. Indeed, the pattern of his past political associations and contributions (financial and otherwise) mostly contradicts them. Believe if you like that this is entirely due to his cynical efforts as a businessman to oil the gears of government in aid of his business ventures. Even if that’s true, it suggests a disposition to serve himself at the expense of the nation’s good. That disposition makes it unlikely that he will hold true to the positions he is staking out in his campaign, if and when it becomes expedient to discard them.

Successful people return to the patterns of behavior that accounted for their success. Even if he is sincere in his expediently contrived political stances, once in office he will be inclined, just as expediently, to barter them away. And If (as his record suggests) he is not sincere, that retreat is not just possible, it’s very probably the intent of his candidacy.

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His most recent explosion of rhetorical policy illustrates this point. His original proposal was to “Ban ‘em all!”, “Let not one Muslim through!” When people pointed out the serious Constitutional, diplomatic and national security blowback the United States would suffer if it acted on this rhetorical nuke, he did not bother to respond in substance. Instead, he let the discussion proceed as if he had simply proposed a moratorium on Muslim immigration, rather than a halt to any and all travel by Muslims into the U.S.

In the outcry against his original proposal Trump’s critics took advantage of its overt implementation of religious discrimination. They portrayed the support he garnered from it as new evidence that his supporters are bigots, longing for the old days (good or bad depending on your race, color, creed or national origin) of a mostly white, mostly Christian, even mostly Northern European national culture. Having spent most of my career in public life working with the very people targeted by Mr. Trump’s political con, I know how thoroughly this portrayal slanders their general character and motives. But those who let themselves be lumped together with Trump will find they have been tarred with the brush laded by his inflammatory, invidiously discriminating approach.

This effect is consistent with what I hold to be the elitist intention for his candidacy. He is cast as a Pied Piper. His rhetoric is tuned to get his fans to rush forward on shaky ground that leads to the edge of an abyss. Once they are in motion Trump steps back from the untenable position he has advanced. But the perception his supporters have created by their response to him continues its forward momentum, hurling them headlong into the void. Meanwhile, he stands back with his once and future elitist faction buddies. As his dupes fall into the trap he helped to set for them, he sees them off with a lordly gesture, which signifies that they should kiss their liberty good-bye.

As you reflect on this image of the future President Trump, consider this report on his latest false step. Accepting the endorsement of the New England Police Benevolent Association he avowed that

One of the first things I do, in terms of executive order if I win, will be to sign a strong, strong statement that will go out to the country—out to the world—that anybody killing a policeman, policewoman, a police officer—anybody killing a police officer: the death penalty. It’s going to happen, OK?

Ask yourself, what is the single most dangerous precedent Barack Obama will leave behind if and when he cycles out of the Oval Office in 2017? Isn’t it the abusive Executive Orders with which he has implemented policies that not only have no warrant under any Constitutionally enacted law, but ignore or contradict existing laws and/or clear Constitutional requirements or constraints? With this in mind, consider Trump’s promise re capital punishment for cop-killers. Ask yourself: Where in the U.S. Constitution does the President get the prerogative to supersede State laws respecting capital punishment, by Executive action, even with some warrant of law approved by Congress (which warrant does not presently exist)?

That’s not Constitutional government. It’s a potentially murderous police state, in which a national dictator gets to decide, ex post facto, what is punishable by death, regardless of the powers the Tenth Amendment leaves to the States; or the fact that Federal lawmaking is exclusively the province of the Congress of the United States. Remember when Bill Gates lamented the fact that, as President, Barack Obama didn’t have more power to act unilaterally? Apparently Donald Trump agrees, and means to grab for whatever power foolish people are willing to applaud.

This exactly corresponds to the demagogic tyranny America’s founders took pains to prevent. No matter what Trump promises, I contend that true Americans should fight to the death, as generations did before now, rather than accept results that deliver the curses of tyranny for ourselves and our posterity. For the only promises a tyrant consistently keeps are the vows of ambition he makes to himself and the idol of Power that is his only law.

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Once a high-level Reagan-era diplomat, Alan Keyes is a long-time leader in the conservative movement. He is well-known as a staunch pro-life champion and an eloquent advocate of the constitutional republic, including respect for the moral basis of liberty and self-government. He has worked to promote an approach to politics based on the initiative of citizens of goodwill consonant with the with the principles of God-endowed natural right.
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