With Paris Smoldering – Does Obama Still Think Global Warming Is A Greater Threat Than Terrorism?

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With more than 120 dead in the City of Light, does Obama still think global warming is more of a threat than terrorism? Should we survey those mourning the victims to see what they think?

Armed with AK-47s and bombs, the terrorists shouted “Allah is Great” in Arabic, “I’m from ISIS” and “This is for Syria!” Perhaps it started as a spontaneous demonstration sparked by an Internet video. But then why wasn’t the body of our ambassador to France dragged through the streets?

If it happened on a U.S. Army base, the motivation would be under investigation months hence. And do we want to use a judgmental term like “terrorism.” Obama’s first Secretary of Homeland Security once told a German newspaper she preferred “man-caused disasters.”

Our president manfully declared that the carnage was an “outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians.” Note the construction – “attempt to terrorize,” rather than terrorism. In Obama’s tortured thinking, unless it happens in Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan, it’s not terror-ism but an attempt to terror-ize. Thus the 9/11 attacks were an attempt to terrorize innocent New Yorkers. Liberals love to play these word games.

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On an MSNBC Saturday show, one of the deep-thinkers at the Daily Beast fretted that, in France, “right-wing politicians” would exploit the carnage to “further divide the country.” That led the hostess to observe that a “tsunami of hatred may await Muslims.” (Imaginary 1938 headline: “After Kristallnacht, Fears Mount that A Tsunami of Hatred May Await Germans.”)

What hatred awaits French Muslims? Will Maitre D’s refuse to seat them? Will Frenchmen say mean things to them in the streets – or throw croissants at them? Oh, the horror, the anguish!

At the Democrats’ PC Olympics at Drake University Saturday evening, all three candidates rejected the term “radical Islam” – suggesting that nothing in Islam could conceivably be anything other than sweetness and light.

Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley warned: “Let’s not fall into the trap of thinking all of our Muslim American neighbors in this country are somehow our enemies here” – just because every one of their organizations from the Council on American Islamic Relations to the Muslim Students Association ends up rationalizing terrorism.

Just a few weeks ago, the European media was excoriating thousands of Poles who took to the streets of Warsaw to object to their would-be rulers in Brussels ordering the nation that survived Nazism and communism to take in a quota of the sainted Syrian “migrants.”

All the Poles need do is look East to see the joys of turning Europe into Prophet-land. After years of mass immigration, France is now 10% Muslim. The newcomers block Paris streets with impromptu prayer-rug sessions and there are dozens of no-go zones around the city. Or they could look North to Sweden and the rape crisis caused by an influx of those who brutalize their own women – not to mention anti-Semitism at levels the continent hasn’t seen since the end of World War II.

But the Euro-establishment will not be deterred from suicide by pseudo-compassion. The European Union has agreed to create a $1.9 billion fund to “address the root causes of migration” by creating jobs, providing health care and other social benefits.

The root cause of the exodus is the fact that the immigrants come from primitive, violent societies where various factions (one more fanatical than the next) fight over the spoils.

Those Europeans whose survival instinct hasn’t completely atrophied, are appalled at the sight of their countries sinking under this Third World deluge. In last year’s elections for the European Parliament, parties the media call “far right” (that is to say, won’t drink the Kool-Aid) shocked the establishment. The French National Front took 26% of the vote (or 4.1million votes), more than any other party in France.

Nowhere is the reality-avoidance that saturates modern liberalism more pronounced than it is here. Everywhere on the left, it’s see no Islam, hear no Islam and speak no Islam.

On November 4, 18-year-old Faisal Mohammed, a student at the University of California at Merced, came to school with a 10-inch hunting knife, wounding three students before he was killed by a campus cop. The Merced County Sheriff rushed to assure the community that it was a case of academic angst. The budding scholar was distraught about being expelled from a study group.

Then details began to leak out. Young Faisal was carrying an image of the ISIS flag at the time he went jihad. A manifesto he was carrying said he wanted to cut off someone’s head (sound familiar?) and praised Allah multiple times. No surprise here. What’s telling is the initial response. Guy with the last name Mohammed, armed with big knife, stabs fellow students. Must be rage over being spurned by his peers (though he remained icy-calm throughout). Couldn’t possibly be what it actually was. I mean, really – what are the odds?

About the same time, the undergraduate student government at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities rejected a resolution by Young Americans for Liberty calling for a “moment of recognition” on future anniversaries of 9/11. Opponents charged it was “biased against Islam.” The Student Association’s Director of Diversity said passing the resolution would “make an unsafe space” for students on the campus by signaling that “Islamophobia and racism fueled through it are alive and well” at U. Minnesota.

On September 11, 2001, it was Islam – not Islamophobia – that created an “unsafe space” for 3,000 Americans who died at the World Trade Center. But on some campuses, even acknowledging the worst foreign attack on American soil somehow fuels racism.

Our president is working diligently to create as many safe spaces as possible for Islam, both here and abroad.

Between 2010 and 2013 alone, the administration brought an additional 300,000 Muslims to the United States, more than all of the immigrants we accepted from Mexico and Central America in the same period. House Homeland Security Chairman Mike McCaul called this immigration “a federally sanctioned welcome party for potential terrorists.” The FBI Director said he currently has open cases against those suspected of involvement with ISIS in every state but Alaska.

But Obama will not be deterred from his latest jihad against our Judeo-Christian culture. Earlier this month, the administration announced its determination to bring in more than the 10,000 Syrians it pledged to take in 2016, without mentioning a number.

It’s hard to say which is more delusional – the EU or the United States under Obama. Patriotic Americans will have to fight their own war on terrorism, which would include:

  1. Reject lethal euphemisms – If Islam is the “religion of peace,” then fascism was the ideology of racial harmony.
  2. Fight like hell to keep more Middle East immigrants from coming to the United States – except persecuted Christians, of course.
  3. Oppose the construction of new mosques – until they begin building churches in Saudi Arabia.
  4. Understand the global nature of the conflict. It isn’t about a “Palestinian homeland,” or who controls a few million acres of sand in Syria, or whether Sunnis or Shiites are ascendant, or Iran’s nuclear program – but a world war for the survival of civilization.
  5. Support Israel – for symbolic as well as geopolitical reasons.
  6. In a little less than a year, elect a president who doesn’t fantasize that “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance” and who doesn’t maintain – against every shred of evidence accumulated over the past 1,400 years – that “Islam is not part of the problem in combating violent extremism – it is an important part of promoting peace.” That would be the candidate who isn’t wearing a Napoleon hat and whose marbles under his control, unlike the incumbent.

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Don Feder
Don Feder is a former Boston Herald writer who is now a political/communications consultant. He also maintains his own website, DonFeder.com.

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