Winning! The ‘Dreamers’ Become the Democrats’ Nightmare

For the past week, I pressed through the upset over the purported reports that Donald Trump was bending, weaving, contorting, caving (whatever) on amnesty. Was he going to strike a deal with the Democrats to get border security, then grant legal status to illegals fleeing the shadows of Obama’s DACA? Based on Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s nightmare headache—angry DREAMers hijacking her press conference on immigration—I am convinced that Trump played the Democrats like a mariachi band from hell—again.

The Democratic Party has created this volatile class of young illegals—let’s call them Democratic “Nightmares” shall we? “Dreamers” is such a misuse of the term in light of American dreamers put on hold or ignored entirely.  Think about it: for the past 8 years, the Democratic Party has preached the Gospel of Immigration Reform, followed by amnesty for the 11 million illegal aliens in the country. The American people on both sides of the political divide have said “No!”, but the tightening phalanx of Big Business, Big Labor, and Big Raza have coalesced all of their amoral power-mongering with the Democrats. Recall that US Senator Barack Obama was a vocal opponent of illegal immigration—as late as 2007. Then he ran for President, and all the protestations for border security and deportations fell down the memory hole.

For the first two years of Obama’s Presidency, he could have been a contender on immigration. He had a sizeable Democratic majority in the House—with Alzheimer’s Nancy at the helm. In the US Senate, Dirty Harry Reid was leading a supermajority. Sure, they couldn’t pass card check to protect Big Labor, and Big Business chafed at the tax increases. Cap and Trade was a dud, but at least Democrats passed Obamacare (before seeing what was in it.)

But the one issue that is menacing the Democratic Party now, illegal immigration, got nary a notice in Obama’s legislative sea of blue pre-eminence. The Democratic Party used the amnesty talk to round up votes, nothing more. Besides, why would they want to get rid of so solid a political talking point? “Republicans want to separate families! They want to deport ten year olds!” The liberal media loved playing this card, and Republicans were dividing themselves up over the moral as well as political turmoil which boiled over.

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Today, this rampant “Immigrant Haters!” shaming doesn’t work anymore. Why? Independent and conservative media like Breitbart and other right-leaning news outlets have revealed the stories which the liberal-leaning media wanted to quash. Illegal immigration kills innocent Americans. The flooding of mass migration has pushed hard-working Americans out of work and hollowed-out once thriving (and in many cases, blue collar Democratic communities. Worse yet, the constant pandering and piece-meal de facto amnesties have turned the otherwise peaceful illegal aliens, young and old, into enraged, unbearable entitled brats. Imagine Antifa-clad Millennials who hate speaking English as well as the United States, and these same radical Marxists activists are storming colleges looking to undermine the United States. They parade in the public squares of major cities demanding that the territory throughout the Southwest return to Mexico or secede and become Aztlan or some other made-up mythical Indian ethno-state.

A new wrinkle in the immigration debate arises: the DACA-drama is not just an anchor baby hanging around the necks of Republicans, both feckless and faithful. This immigration insanity has turned into a cockamamie boondoggle for the Democrats. With these developments in mind, I lobbied members of Congress to stop any purported amnesty by visiting their offices directly. Aside from the rude treatment from Congresswoman Julia “DACA is OK!” Brownley’s office (plus the “enlightening” meeting with Maxine “The illegals are here to stay!” Waters), I communicated my opposition effectively many offices, including Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows.

In the Unites States Senate, I found even warmer reception to my concerns. Dianne Feinstein’s staffers attempted to connect me with legislative staffers in charge of immigration. Kamala Harris’ staffers were rude at the outset. One staffer told me bluntly that they would provide me no direct contact information with the staffer directly in charge of immigration matters. That stonewalling changed when I narrated my experience in other Senators’ offices. Those assistants were courteous and helpful, even the ones in Al Franken’s office. I tried to lighten the mood when I told them at the outset: “I’m good enough. I’m smart enough. And doggone it, people like me!” They weren’t amused—maybe they hear that line all the time. Or it was my MAGA hat?

Other senate staffers were keenly attentive, i.e. Heidi Heitkamp, Joe Donnelly. What should these Red State Democrats fear? If they pass amnesty, the voters’ wrath in a 2018 Trump-like election wave. Yet they face their increasingly militant base. Their dangerous outrage spilled into Alzheimer’s Nancy’s recent press conference, scheduled to address the face of the Nightmare “Kids.” Hands shaking and voice trembling, Pelosi failed to calm the disillusioned illegals, promised legal status for years.

And they are angry! Cries of “You lied to us!” and “We will not be your bargaining chip!” drowned out Pelosi and commie Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s pleas to restore order and take back the mike to make their case for compromise with Trump. The illegals’ answer? “All of us, or none of us!” These DACA brats, whom the Democratic Party has been scamming for the last 20 years, are not in a bargaining mood anymore. They want it all, because that’s what the Democrats promised them. Liberals have created another enemy: an army of militant Veruca Salts determined to have the whole world, open borders and all.  It ain’t gonna happen. The whole country is fed up with these entitled thugs. Squishy Republicans like Dean Heller and Bob Corker will find fewer Democratic senators seeking compromise, since the Democratic base wants complete amnesty, while everyone else wants enforcement.

Conservatives should rest easy: there will be no DACA deal. This scenario is a dream for conservatives, and a never-ending nightmare for the Democratic Party.

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Arthur Schaper
Arthur Schaper is a blogger, writer, and commentator on topics both timeless and timely; political, cultural, and eternal. A life-long Southern California resident, Arthur currently lives in Torrance. Follow his blogs at The State of the Union and As He Is, So Are We Ministries.

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