Will Wisconsin Become A Right-To-Work State?

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The Republican state senate leader wants to make Wisconsin right-to-work.

“We’re calling for a real public policy debate on the bill,” Myranda Tanck, communications director for Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Tanck explained that Fitzgerald wants there to be a discussion on the matter, one that includes businesses, trade unions and other relevant groups.

Right-to-work laws generally prohibit forcing employees to join a union or pay union dues as a condition of employment.

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Unions and Republicans have been sparring in Wisconsin ever since Gov. Scott Walker signed Act 10, which curbs collective bargaining by public-sector unions.

“While we do not know what a state-specific version of right to work will look like in Wisconsin,   we owe it to the people of the state to have a true public policy discussion on the issue.”Fitzgerald told a local radio station. “That  means examining the laws of the 24 other states that have already adopted some version of these  protections and working with representatives of the private sector to determine the best fit for   Wisconsin.”

Democrats are not pleased with the initiative.

“I call on Governor Walker to put the brakes on this divisive issue that clearly will damage Wisconsin’s middle class,” said Assembly Democratic Leader Peter Barca, in a statement obtained by Wisconsin Watchdog.

Incoming Senate Democratic Leader Jennifer Shilling is also quoted by Wisconsin Watchdo as sayingg, “It’s not a question of whether ‘Right to Work for Less’ will be a distraction for our state — it already is.”

Shilling went on to say, “Rather than creating economic uncertainty for Wisconsin families and businesses, we need to be focused on growing the economy and creating jobs.”

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