Will Parents Confront Radical Teachers on the ‘Day of Silence’?

There may be a traitor in one of your child’s classes. A traitor against truth and safety, that is.

And it may be a teacher.

On Friday, April 27 is the annual pro-homosexual, anti-morality “Day of Silence.” And praise God, there’s also a “Day of Silence Walkout.” So you can keep your son or daughter home and protect your child from the risk-enabling, child corruption agenda.

Here’s one big reason: your child’s teacher may use his or her position to spread propaganda and normalize unsafe behavior.

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It’s happened before. Here are a few recent examples.

Lora Jane Riedas is a teacher in a Tampa Bay area high school. Last year, a complaint was filed against Riedas by Liberty Counsel on behalf of students in her class, saying she prohibited crosses and rosaries, alleging they were “gang symbols.” And Riedas posted pro-homosexual signage, stickers and messages all over her class in the weeks leading up to the “Day of Silence.”

Riedas, who is “married” to another female teacher at the school, denied she had done anything wrong, and the school cleared her after a superficial inquiry. Liberty Counsel disputes the school’s findings. Riedas’ Twitter page continues to spout leftist, teacher union politics, anti-Trump potshots and extreme “LGBT” activism negatively influencing students.

Riedas is the teacher advisor to the school’s homosexual/transgender club.

Riedas tweeted a photo of herself on March 24 after the Tampa Bay homosexual “pride” event. She held a rainbow-adorned sign reading, “Students need to see OUT Teachers- LGBT”. “Not my first Pride Parade, just my first time marching in one. Thanks for a great experience,“ Riedas wrote.

In one recent post she commented that “LGBT” students “fear christians.” Yes, she failed to capitalize the Lord’s name. Deliberate?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t trust any message from a teacher like her the “Day of Silence” or any other day, frankly.

Students do not need “out” (i.e., openly homosexual) teachers. Such proud sin provides students a handy voice to validate high-risk, ungodly and unnecessary behavior.

Why not have proudly anorexic teachers? Or wiccans? Students could go to those teachers, too and be reassured that these are absolutely manageable and positive behaviors/ideologies.

GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network ( organizer of the “Day of Silence”) honors activist teachers who mislead and corrupt students. Amber Schweitzer in Colorado is one such teacher:

Amber Schweitzer is a teacher who makes students feel comfortable….

So much so, that in her first year teaching at Castle View High School in Castle Rock, a student followed her out to her car after school and came out to her about being gay.

‘It made a big difference for him to have a safe adult to talk to about it and know that it’s OK,’ Schweitzer said, noting that the student has since told friends and family.

This was not an isolated situation.

“In every class I’ve taught, I’ve had different students tell me personal stories of coming out or of family members,” Schweitzer said. “I think they talk to me because I’m pretty open-minded…”

A “safe” teacher? For radicals, “safe” means that no one burdens students down with inconvenient health-risk information and warnings about sodomy. For tragically misleading and corrupting who knows how many high school kids, Schweitzer was named GLSEN’s educator of the year in 2016. She is legally “married” to a woman and taught yoga at the high school.

Among her Tweets from 2017 was this: “Gearing Up for the Day of Silence!”
Should immoral and profoundly corrupted teachers have a platform to convey to students inaccurate and high-risk pro-homosexual and pro-“transgender” mythology? Parents need to make sure that on the “Day of Silence” and throughout the year, their students are not taught by such teachers.

My suggestion: send a letter to your school and request that, because of your religious beliefs, you do not want your child taught by any teacher who is openly homosexual.

If they have a right to be “out” and proud, so do Christian families.

Teacher advisors of “GSA” clubs (“gay-straight alliances,” more recently re-named “gender and sexualities alliances”) take on that role for a reason: they are involved in those immoral behaviors themselves or support it as an option for minor students.

Why do schools allow any club that corrupts students? The ACLU and other legal entities have forced schools to accept such clubs through numerous court actions all based on the inaccurate contention that a homosexual club deserves “viewpoint” anti-discrimination allowances.

But pro-homosexual clubs, most of which now also actively promote gender rebellion, are no more “viewpoint” groups than a pro-marijuana club conveys a “viewpoint.”

These are demonstrably high-risk, immoral behaviors that can seriously harm a student’s life while offending many families of faith. Homosexual sex and gender confusion are not inborn desires but developed preferences that can and should be un-developed.

But Riedas and Schweitzer are not alone in their actively negative influence. Last year’s Day of Silence in Bethlehem, PA at Lehigh Valley Charter School saw 200 students participate. A teacher helped this propaganda along:

Teacher Elizabeth Wingerter helped Gonzalez and the other students organize the event. Teachers also wore T-shirts and ribbons in solidarity with the students. Wingerter said she’s heard from students who are thankful to see their teachers support them.

Do schools honestly believe that parents support the endorsement of sodomy among students? Are these people serious? Yes, they are, and some schools even make the insane claim that validation of heterosexual norms is “harassment.”

Teacher Joe Bento, a long-time GSA advisor in Washington state said this in 2005:

High School teacher, Gay-Straight Alliance Advisor and GLSEN Puget Sound Education & Training Director, Joseph R. Bento, M. Ed., speaks from professional experience (corroborated by GLSEN data*) when he says that “having a message on campus taunting [LGBTQ teens] to change [in order] to be mentally healthy, to be moral… can send [LGBTQ] students into confusion about who they are and in many instances can lead to suicide.”

So, heterosexuality leads to suicide? That’s where we are now.

This is the same warped ideology behind the current bill in the California Assembly, 2943, the “Must Stay Gay” bill. Why don’t people see that this is fascism, plain and simple?

The “Day of Silence” victim posturing continues this nonsensical message. Does anyone today truly believe those currently involved in “LGBTQ” behaviors have “no voice”?

If only that were true and the “Day of Silence” would close down. Our children would be so much better off.

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