Will Leftists Next Create ‘Christian Terrorist’ Groups?

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Leftists’ hatred of Christianity has become so fanatical that they now reflexively blame or demonize Christians whenever non-Christians engage in terrorism and violence. This escalating radicalism should force society to ask: Will leftists next create and fund phony Christian terrorist groups so they can further their War on Christianity?

One of the consequences of a group of people regularly surrendering to enemy attackers is that it emboldens the attackers. It makes the attackers believe they will always win, and it makes them believe that whatever they say and do is right regardless of reality. They become self-righteously frenzied and more determined to wipe out their targets should their targets eventually decide to fight back.

Thus, American Christians are partially responsible for the creation of the raw evil known as leftists (or as I call them, autotheists, since they truly believe themselves to be gods). Many of us, over the course of decades, have surrendered to their attacks on Christianity and Western Civilization. This has resulted in leftists swallowing every institution in the public and private sectors: schools, entertainment, civilian government, the armed forces, and even a large portion of the Church. This in turn has resulted in leftists now assuming they will win every immoral war they instigate, and in believing that anyone who fights back against them is evil and deserves destruction even more.

All this explains why we are where we are today. Whenever an Islamic terrorist attack occurs the first response from leftists is to defend the Religion of Peace and spread fear of a mythical backlash against Muslims. They say those of us who do not want to be murdered are “Islamophobic” and “guilty” of providing Islamic terrorists with “a perfect recruiting tool” . . . even as Islamic terrorists supposedly aren’t Islamic. The second response is to demonize Christians by saying we are just as violent (or worse). And the time it takes for leftists to go from the first response to the second response increasingly decreases.

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By the way, have you ever noticed that leftists never talk about Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, autotheist (of course) or other religious violence when they makes excuses for Islamic terrorism? They only ever talk about fictional Christian violence.

The wickedness of leftists is now of comic-book-villain proportions. Actually, if someone would put all that leftists do into a comic book villain an editor likely would reject it as being too fantastical even for a comic book villain.

For example, if someone created a villainous comic book group that hated its enemies so much that another character was able to create a fake “hate crimes” database to track the group’s attempts to frame its enemies as violent aggressors, an editor would probably tell that person that he’d have to make changes. “Come on,” the editor would say. “No society would tolerate such a group of people after so many lies and crimes meant to smear its opponents and advance such an irrational agenda.”

Yet the wickedness that would be too fantastical for comic book villains is the reality of modern leftists. And leftists engage in so much outrageous evil on a regular basis that the average American is now nose-blind to it.

This nose-blindness is so bad that attempts to frame Christians and others don’t hurt the leftist brand. Indeed, the lying seems to attract people. And if it doesn’t, leftists still benefit from their lying because it energizes them. The lies energize them because even after they are exposed they say, “At least we brought attention to an important crisis.” They ignore the fact that faking a “crisis” pretty much proves it doesn’t exist. On top of this, faking crimes energize leftists because, as mentioned earlier, they are so used to people capitulating to them.

And this is why society must now ask: Will leftists next create “Christian terrorist” groups?

Leftists organizing and funding people to engage in terrorism designed to frame Christians would be a logical next step. Doing so would advance both their agenda (the eventual criminalization of Christianity) and narrative (Christians are violent and evil). Obviously, if they would create and fund phony Christian terrorists they would do so covertly so as to attempt to hide their fingerprints. These terrorist groups would then start murdering and engaging in violence in order to “prove” how dangerous Christians are.

If you think such a thing unlikely to happen, remember that leftists already are attempting to frame their enemies with fake “hate crimes.” Leftists also celebrate murdering unborn babies, newly born babies, the elderly, the sick, and the disabled. And if the concept of leftists potentially creating and funding phony Christian terrorist groups still seems far-fetched, then remember that leftist educators, politicians, entertainers, and others have openly embraced leftist terrorists since the 1960s.

Of course, leftists only portray terrorism as a positive thing when done in the service of leftism. So although they celebrate their terrorism, it would not prevent them from framing Christians as “bad terrorists.”

“No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other.” Leftists have chosen which master they will serve. Now it’s a question of how far down that road of servitude they are. We need to be both vigilant for the possible emergence of “Christian terrorist” groups, and to be skeptical of who they truly are if they do appear.

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