Another Clinton Running for High Office: Will We Ever Learn?

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When Arkansas Governor, Bill Clinton began his first campaign for president in 1992, reports emerged from the Razorback state that he dodged the draft, said he “loathed the military,” had an extramarital affair with Gennifer Flowers and had been accused of rape. Just ten years earlier, news of an extramarital affair sunk the presidential campaign of former Democrat Senator, Gary Hart from Colorado.

Ignoring the admonition of Jesus that “he who is unfaithful in little will be unfaithful in much,” Americans elected Bill Clinton and set a course for endless public scandals, a dismal economy and failed foreign and domestic policies.

In 2008, again ignoring the warning of Christ and Dr. King’s dream that his own children would be judged by the content of their character, Americans elected Barack Hussein Obama. This massive public failure brought Americans the longest-running economic recession, failed foreign policy decisions and the most corrupt and lawless administration in U.S. history. Terrorists attack with frightening regularity, our cities are on fire from racist rioting and illegal aliens steal American jobs and resources.

Will Americans fail themselves, their children and their country again in 2016? We shall soon see. Hillary Clinton is by far, the most corrupt candidate of any political party to ever run for the office of president. She retains the distinction of being the only First Lady to ever be the subject of an F.B.I. investigation. She failed to protect Americans under her leadership, intentionally put national security at risk by sending and receiving classified information on an unclassified server and accepted donations to the Clinton Foundation in exchange for access to the U.S. State Department.

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The strategy employed by the Clinton campaign and their operatives in the distorted media has been to attack Donald Trump’s character, perpetrating lies that he is a sexist, racist and xenophobe. But Mrs. Clinton has her own character problems.

Rather than supporting and empowering women, she actively engaged in character assassination of her husband’s sexual assault victims. Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick, Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky were all victims, first of Bill Clinton’s sexual advances, then of Hillary Clinton through mean-spirited, cruel and baseless accusations.

Hillary Clinton claims to be an advocate for children, but that too, is false. The policies of Barack Obama and Bill Clinton have not helped children, but harmed them. There are more children living in poverty now than in 2008, and that number will certainly increase if reckless Democrat policies are permitted to continue. Millions more will not even be permitted to be born.

Clinton has introduced no new policy ideas that America can afford, but advocates expanding failed policies like Obamacare, tax increases, foreign policy disasters like the Iran Nuclear Arms deal and refusing to protect our borders. She has nothing to offer Americans except more misery, scandal and failure.

November 8th may well be the last opportunity that American voters have to spare this country from certain destruction and cultural collapse. Hillary Clinton will surely advance every new policy that undermines the family and exalts sexual perversion. The first and second amendments of the Constitution will be sacrificed upon the great altar of humanist atheism. Americans will be ruled by illegal executive order and judicial tyranny. We will become servants of a massive federal government rather than its masters and freedom will be nothing more than a distant memory and hopeless myth of a bygone era.

Ignorance and sloth brought us to this juncture. We failed to teach our children and ourselves of our own national history and its noble ideals. We permitted our government to grow into an unsustainable monstrosity that feeds on the lives of its citizens and we refused to uphold the dignity of men and women that are created in the image of God. We allowed worthless scalawags and rabble-rousers to deceive us and others.

There remains only one way left to avoid the collapse of the America that we have enjoyed–elect Donald Trump and work with him reform to this nation. The $20 trillion national debt and bloated federal government are crushing our quality of life and forcing businesses to close. Incessant attacks on the family and righteousness by godless Democrat politicians and their special interests have devalued all human life, and they must be repulsed and rejected. Donald Trump has the plan to reverse the failures of the past 25 years.

Congress is the people’s voice in Washington, not the courts or the president. It’s the responsibility of the people to ensure that our courts are not populated by jurists who are defiant or antagonistic toward the Constitution and the rights it enshrines. Preserving freedom in America requires regular action by informed and committed citizens. No one else can or will accomplish that role.

America’s founders and others who came after them warned us that this day would come and how it would arrive. John Adams warned that our government was suitable only for a moral and religious people. We have allowed the godless to defile our culture and ourselves. So thoughtless are the ungodly that they fail to realize that their rights come from God as well. If rights and freedom are established by government, then government can legitimately remove them.

Thomas Jefferson said that our freedom depends upon staying informed and yet, we have stopped our ears and gagged ourselves by listening to those who tell us not to talk about politics or religion. As a result, many voters will not decide for whom they will vote until the last weeks of the election season and then, only by watching television ads and distorted news reports. They base their decisions on no higher principle than petty personal preference and self-interest.

There remains reason for hope, however. George Washington said, “Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains taken to bring it to light.” America’s freedom and America’s future are in your hands. Buy the truth and never sell it. Reject the empty promises that demand forfeiture of your dignity and honor. Don’t trade your rights for the perception of benefit. We may not get another last chance.

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Timothy Buchanan
Timothy Buchanan is a US Navy veteran and the author of two published books, “The Threat from within: Denial of Truth” and “The Boobonic Plague.” He’s a former defense contractor, broadcast engineer, and he currently lives with his wife near the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia.

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