Will Democrats Succeed in Making America a Socialist Nation?

When you take a good look at most of the platform policies of today’s Democrats, you will see that the vast majority of those policies are pure socialism.

That means that one can safely equate the two terms of socialist and Democrat as meaning virtually the same thing.

Our public education system has been busy brainwashing young minds into believing socialism is the cure all for America’s problems and thus, a large number of young adults today identify as Democrats.

Even though a recent poll showed that 57% of the American people believe that socialism is incompatible with American values, nearly 49% of millennials say they favor socialism.

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Issues & Insights – As Dems Embrace Socialism, Even ‘Socialist’ Countries Reject It – If Democrats are going to run in 2020 on a platform of driving the U.S. into socialism, they are likely to get thumped hard at the ballot box. Results of a Monmouth University Poll released this week show that 57 percent of the country says socialism is not compatible with American values. Only 29 percent say it is.

It’s alarming that socialism has penetrated as deeply as it has into our politics. For decades, Americans clearly understood what socialism is, and widely rejected it. And, despite the media’s grade-school infatuation with socialist politicians and policies, maybe they still are. The Monmouth poll found that only 10 percent of Americans hold a positive view of socialism.

Yet every Democratic candidate has to identify as a comrade in the struggle if he or she is to pick up any traction. When Noah Wall from FreedomWorks wrote in the Washington Examiner three months ago that the Democratic Party was in a socialist spiral, he was exactly right…

What doesn’t make sense is that America’s Democrats are racing to make our nation a socialist nation while the people in most socialist nations are trying to rid themselves of the oppressive form of government.

I have friends who were born and raised in socialist nations and they can’t believe that so many Americans (referring to Democrats) are wanting socialism here in America.

However, from the standpoint of politicians, they see socialism as a way to force the American people to pay for their high standard of living, not caring that the majority of the people will be poor and oppressed.

Socialist talk about redistributing the wealth, but what they really mean is redistributing the wealth of everyone else, not themselves.

America’s socialists continue to deplore the slavery that took place in early America, but their socialist form of government will only make slaves of the majority of the American people, who will be slaves to the government.



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