Will Christian Colleges Unite against the NCAA?

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NCAA officials recently announced they are removing multiple postseason athletic events from North Carolina because the state won’t fully commit to the War on Reality. Will Christian colleges unite and fight back or will they surrender like American Christians normally do?

The Associated Press reported on Sep. 12 that the National Collegiate Athletic Association is fully joining the War on Reality. It is punishing the state of North Carolina because it won’t fully legalize sexually assaulting women in bathrooms.

The War on Reality is a part of the larger War on Christianity. And the most powerful people in the nation back it.

Some pundits are complaining about what the NCAA has done. That’s fine. But where is the counterattack? Is there even going to be one?

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Christian colleges should be working to formulate a plan to unite and fight back. National Christian leaders should be working with them.

And this plan should include (at a bare minimum) a denunciation of the NCAA and a vow to boycott any of the championship events that have been moved.

But really it should include more. Any serious response to this attack should include a promise to leave the NCAA unless its current officials are fired and the culture completely changed.


I would be pleasantly surprised if Christians do any of these things. But I don’t expect they will.

American Christians simply don’t have passion about their professed faith. There are plenty of Christian colleges in the nation that could wield huge influence if they chose to do so. But they either don’t have any desire to stand up for what’s right or they already are on the side of the Devil.

Meanwhile, the passion the anti-Christians have in their jihad against bathrooms is like nothing I’ve ever seen in the U.S. I’ve never seen such passion in support of the U.S. defeating Islamic terrorism, purging traitors at the highest levels of government, protecting national borders, or passion for fighting against any true threat.

In short, religious fanatics back the War on Reality while too few oppose them with equal intensity.

So it will be interesting to see if Christian colleges decide to fight back. Which is more important to them? God or the NCAA and sports?

Until I see otherwise, I’d say the NCAA and sports are.

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