Will AG William Barr Take McCabe-Rosenstein Coup Investigation All the Way to Obama?

Legal and political heads in Washington DC are spinning after the revelations of an attempted coup to oust Trump was revealed by Andrew McCabe.

Was the anti-Trump conspiracy a criminal act or just a case of disgruntled politics?

Many, including myself, believe it was a crime and the most serious of crimes – treason.

The big question now is what will newly sworn in Attorney General Matthew Barr do with this explosive revelation?

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If Barr does pursue this act of treason, will he be willing to take the investigation all the way to the top – meaning Barack Obama?

The National Sentinel – In probing the McCabe-Rosenstein coup against Trump, AG Barr MUST question the ringleader: Barack Obama – Last week a series of bombshell reports claimed that former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who was fired last year on the recommendation of the Justice Department inspector general’s office for lying to officials, revealed in interviews that he was heavily involved in what amounts to an attempted coup against POTUS Donald Trump.

McCabe didn’t come right out and say, “Hey, we tried to oust a duly elected president and have our ‘preferred’ candidate installed.” But given what we know now about actions he has admitted to and deeds he claims to have done or orchestrated, it’s obvious a coup is precisely what he was attempting.

But of course, McCabe could not have acted alone. He had to have had help. From high up.

Like the Oval Office. Barack Obama’s Oval Office, in fact…

What concerns me is that before being confirmed, Barr said that he would be willing to investigate the Clinton Foundation for tax issues, but not to pursue any criminal complaints against Hillary Clinton.

He said that pursing criminal allegations against Clinton would make America no different than any banana republic that arrests and prosecutes their political opposition.

Therefore, will Barr do the right and legal thing or will be wimp out like his predecessor Jeff Sessions did?



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