What Will the 21st Century Church Do?

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In American education, liberal secularists have decoupled God/Jesus Christ from education, and have therefore eliminated the theological and epistemological foundation for knowledge: “Fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.” The ramifications are significant because, in God’s economy, righteousness exalts a nation and an individual.

Virtue is required for sustainable freedom. Secularists have successfully removed the transmission agent (The Word of God) for the accumulation of wisdom and knowledge, which created freedom in America. The nation is now basically biblically illiterate. Let’s be clear, the secularists and their priests — i.e., public education, higher learning, Hollywood and Media elite — have a coordinated, deliberate, sustained effort, a blitzkrieg, imposing an intolerant and aggressive false religion on America — Secularism.

This false god of Secularism — embedded in public education by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1963 — has glamorized, exalted and now normalized sin in America, creating a spiritually decadent, godless society. Proverbs instructs that easy sex and easy money are always the two temptations coming at the man — filth is everywhere. The deterrent for kids to resist temptation has been removed from public schools. Why would resisting the temptation for easy sex matter? Because, in God’s economy, righteousness exalts a nation and an individual. America has been hijacked, we are now living between Babel and the Beast.**

Secularism is an affront to the Living God, make no mistake. In His economy it is an abomination for leaders to commit wickedness, for freedom requires righteousness. In God’s unchanging order He emphasizes the connection between the nation’s moral health and well-being, juxtaposed against the insurrectionist with “shoddy moral character, prone to wickedness and simple nastiness, and devoid of good sense and moral compunctions.”

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Someone’s values are going to reign supreme.

Evangelical and Pro-Life Catholic Christians must engage the culture through voter registration and get-out-the-vote efforts to return biblical virtue, righteousness and character to city, state and federal government. Folly seeks a public venue, appearing in many of the same places as wisdom. Folly and wisdom are often in proximity, proposing alternative choices to the best way forward.

Exhibit 1

Billy Graham’s grandson: ‘Evangelicals hurt by their association with religious right’” (Complete article here.)

Paul Blair’s response to Brother Tchividjian is worth noting:

Wrong in so many ways. To begin with, he has fallen prey to the idea of “compartmentalizing” Christianity.  If Jesus is the Lord of our lives, then He is Lord of all areas. His Lordship will impact how we act as an employee, an employer, a husband, a wife, how I behave on vacation, what I buy at the store, how I parent my kids, etc., AND how I look at political question. Do I consider politics with a Biblical Worldview or a secular humanist worldview? Apparently, he believes we should depend on CNN or MSNBC for dependable information and counsel politically.

Second, he doesn’t understand the relationship between civil liberty and religious liberty. Rev. John Witherspoon, President of Princeton, signer of Declaration and member of the Continental Congress stated: “There is not a single instance in history, in which civil liberty was lost and religious liberty preserved entire.” 

THE issue of the day from 1620 to 1770 was not abortion or homosexual marriage, it was religious liberty. Christianity has always been persecuted beginning in Acts 4 and throughout 2000 years of history. Only in America for the last 200 years have we Christians enjoyed Religious and Civil Liberty.  Why are we the exception?

This is because of the tremendous influence that the Pilgrim and Puritanical worldview had on our political thinking in New England. Being free Englishmen holding devout Biblical worldviews, and believing that since God established civil government He would have a lot to say about it in the pages of Scripture, we have been given this exceptional country which believes that our rights come from God and not government and truth is not arbitrarily established by the King, but has been established by God — “the law of nature and nature’s God.” 

We Americans have only enjoyed liberty, so we don’t recognize how precious it is.

In order to establish a tyranny, the government must control the mind, in order to control the body. Therefore, they nationalize education, control the flow of information through the media, and must gain control of your conscience.  That means no religious liberty. An atheistic communism (where since God doesn’t exist, government replaces God as the one who grants rights and determines truth) OR you have a theocracy (God and Government are one) and you come to the same end. In either way, you do not have a free conscious to defy the government as the government is supreme.

Coincidentally, the King’s threat to reestablish the Anglican church over the colonies was one of the last straws that led to our independence. Currently, you see our religious liberty under attack (no proselytizing in the military, Hobby Lobby case, judges mandating homosexual marriage, Christian bakers sued, etc.) The writing is on the wall.

Fortunately, the 18th Century church led the fight for liberty. What will the 21st Century church do? Will we be like the Black Robed Regiment of the 18th Century or will we be the church of Germany in 1935?

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David Lane
David lane is an evangelical activist, a conservative advocator and Founder of the American Renewal Project. He is working to restore America to her Judeo-Christian heritage and reestablish a Christian culture.

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