Why was Kim Davis a guest at Obama’s Final State of the Union Address?

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Kim Davis was a guest at the State of the Union, President Obama’s final State of the Union address as he enters his last year.

Mat Staver: Matt, the week before the State of the Union address, Kim Davis and I were invited as special guests of members of Congress, to be seated in the State of the Union address. And so Kim Davis and I, after thinking about this and praying about this, decided to go.

President Obama, it was said, was going to overview some of the “so-called” accomplishments of his last seven years, including he had the Obergefell plaintiff there. The person who was the lead plaintiff in the same-sex marriage case. He had a Syrian refugee there. He also had, beside Michelle Obama, an empty seat to be in memory of those who had died from gun violence, he said.

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And so we wanted to be there, and felt it was important to be there to send a message that President Obama does not represent many of the American people, most of the American people. He has trampled on marriage and family, Judeo-Christian values and religious freedom. And we’re not going anywhere, we’re going to stand strong, we’re going to drive a stake in the sand. And that’s why Kim Davis were there at the final State of the Union.

Matt Barber: Well, this final State of the Union just really epitomized who this president is, who this man is. And he is symbolism over substance. An utter failure as a president; a disgrace as a president. And so, this political stunt of his to invite Obergefell, this homosexual activist man who has attacked Kim Davis personally in some of his own writings. To invite him there as some kind persecuted of special guest right there with Michelle Obama, was a political stunt.

So I admire and appreciate the courage of certain members of Congress to answer that political stunt with a little symbolism of their own…

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