Why the U.S. Should Conquer Mexico and Other Refugee Producing Nations

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America should conquer and colonize Mexico, Syria, and other refugee producing nations. This way refugees can live in the U.S. and their homelands at the same time.

Leaders in America and across the globe insist that the U.S. has a moral obligation to accept millions of refugees from every war-torn and impoverished nation on earth. In fact, millions is too low because the actual number of refugees the U.S. is supposed to accept is unlimited.

Refugees might be illegal aliens from Mexico “looking for a better life” in the U.S. Or they might be Syrian “women and children seeking to escape war.” Or they could be Iraqis, or Somalis, or Nigerians, and so forth. Public and private leaders all tell us it is our duty to take in any person on earth who is suffering and wants to come to America. Their home nations are places that are just too horrendous to live.

Okay. If this is the case, then the U.S. should conquer and colonize all the nations that are unlivable.

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This is the logical policy solution. And here is how it can work.

First, the U.S. should reach out to the leaders of refugee producing nations and give them an ultimatum to resign and relinquish control of their nations so they can become American colonies. In theory, they should readily do so. Most leaders of refugee producing nations insist that the U.S. accept as many of their citizens that they send our way. Take Mexico, for example.

However, if their leaders refuse the offer, the U.S. should forcibly conquer their nations. Then all those people—whom we’re told have a right to live in America—automatically start living in America because their nations just became U.S. soil.

They can live as freely and safely as they want in their homelands, out of the shadows and all. They will never have to engage in risky travel or even visit any of the 50 states or American territories. Instead, they can live in their newly minted America colonies, under benevolent American colonial governors.

This is a perfect policy solution. Yet there is no chance anyone will implement it.

And the fact that no one will even take this proposed policy seriously—indeed that any leader who would be asked to comment on it would ferociously denounce it—shows you all you need to know about the reality of what is going on with those demanding that America take in as many refugees as the world wants to send our way.

So the next time someone says the U.S. has a moral obligation to take in an infinite amount of legal and illegal refugees, pitch him the idea I just mentioned. He’ll reject it in horror. And when that happens you can decisively tell him, “Now I know what you really support. You support the Alien Conquest of America.”

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