Why I Worry About The Alien Invasion

As thousands of “migrants” head for our southern border, while Pelosi sucks her thumb, Trump diddles about declaring a national emergency, and the loony left raves about abolishing ICE, this is what worries me the most.

Yes. I worry about alien crime, gangs and drug trafficking. And yes, I worry about aliens sucking up social services meant for our own poor. And, yes, I worry about illegals taking the low-paying jobs of the poorest among us.

But, over and above all else, I agonize over the reality that we are importing an alien nation. That most of these uninvited guests will never learn our language, never learn our history and heritage, and never identify as Americans. They will treat America as a refuge from poverty and anarchy while bringing with them the very attitudes that lead to poverty and anarchy.

God curse politicians of both parties who are allowing this to happen.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: I share the author concern about the alien invasion for many of the same reasons and agree with his assertion that they do not adapt to America but work to change America to what they escaped, as I have seen this happen already.

I used to live in a nice and safe community in Mesa, Arizona. There was little crime in the area. My wife and I had no concerns about taking walks in the evenings. Our young daughters played outside and even crossed the street to go to a friend’s house.

Then came the invasion of illegal aliens, most of them from Mexico and Central America. Everything changed in the neighborhood. Graffiti started showing up around the neighborhood. Home break-ins increased. One house on the same block as ours had over 30 illegal aliens living in it. It was only a three-bedroom house. Their lawn soon became filled with trash and the grass was never cut.

About 6 years ago, went back to Arizona to visit my parents and took time to drive through my old neighborhood. It reminded me of the ghettos I saw in Mexico. Most of the houses looked very weathered, worn and unkempt. There was trash everywhere and I saw several crowds of illegals in their yards, drinking and smoking. I stopped into one of he local grocery stores where we used to shop and found that I was very much an unwelcomed outsider. Everything was in Spanish. The only English I saw were on some of the items sold, but even most of them were in Spanish. None of the clerks spoke a word of English and I felt like a foreigner in my own country.

What shocked me the most was seeing a Mexican flag flying ABOVE the American flag.

A friend of mine who was in law enforcement at the time later told me that I should never have driven through the neighborhood because it was so dangerous.  He said that entire area in Mesa was high crime due to illegal aliens and illegal drug trafficking.

These illegals came to US not to become Americans and escape what they left behind, but to take advantage of America and change our country into the crime infested poverty ghetto that they left back home.

Given the chance, this is what they will turn all of America into.


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Don Feder is a former Boston Herald writer who is now a political/communications consultant. He also maintains his own website, DonFeder.com.

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