Why I Oppose William Barr as Attorney General

As much as I hoped that President Trump would have picked Trey Gowdy his first Attorney General, I originally thought that appointing Jeff Sessions was not a bad option, but that was quickly dashed when Session revealed his weak nature.

After Sessions abruptly resigned, I still held hopes that Trump would tap Gowdy for the job, but instead, he turned to William Barr, who served as Attorney General under President George HW Bush.

Back then, I thought Barr did a good job, but the entire field of politics and social culture of America have drastically changed since that time.

As Barr undergoes his confirmation hearings in the Senate, some of his responses lead me to oppose his confirmation as Trump’s next Attorney General.

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Wayne Dupree – Trump AG Nominee — I Don’t Subscribe To This “Lock Her Up” Stuff – I like how some Trump supporters who call themselves leaders, have signed on for supporters of William Barr, nominee for Attorney General.

Barr is a friend of Robert Mueller that doesn’t subscribe to the “lock her up” stuff.

I couldn’t the questions today of Barr because I didn’t trust him when I heard that he was part of George H. W. Bush. I am sure he’s surprised he was even nominated as he’s probably had some preconceived perceptions of Pres. Trump.

Every Democrat is 100 percent on a mission to destroy Trump anyway they possibly can, and Barr doesn’t seem to be too far behind them. Witch hunt? WHAT witch hunt? Mueller’s a great guy and personal friend – and we need another couple of years to allow him to wrap up this very serious investigation properly (no – he didn’t say “years,” but he’s obviously in no rush)…

When asked about statements he made earlier about the Uranium One Deal and the Clinton Foundation, Barr backed away from enforcing the law equally.

He back peddled, saying that Clinton Foundation should be investigated as a tax matter and not for any criminal matters.

He followed that up by saying he is not into the ‘lock her up’ mentality because locking up political opponents would the US into a banana republic.

To an extent that is right, but if a political opponent breaks the law or multiple laws, should he or she still be punished?

By saying what Barr said seems to be giving a green light for Democrats to violate the Constitution and laws of the land without fear of any legal ramifications and that is more dangerous than becoming a banana republic, but that’s not stopping Democrats from vowing to put Donald Trump in prison.


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