Why Do Evangelicals Prefer Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton?

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Cracks have appeared in evangelical support for Donald Trump over the leak of a video containing his vulgar comments about women, even though backing from some of his most high-profile conservative Christian endorsers, such as Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr., is holding.


Among those reversing course is Wayne Grudem, a well-known non-cessationist Calvinist theologian. The prominent liberal evangelical magazine, Christianity Today, on Monday said Trump was “the very embodiment of what the Bible calls a fool.”

James Dobson, one of the most important pro-family leaders in the U.S., condemned Trump’s comments, but called Hillary Clinton’s abortion activism criminal.

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“Mr. Trump promises to support religious liberty and the dignity of the unborn. Mrs. Clinton promises she will not,” Dobson said in a statement Monday.

Falwell Jr., an early endorser of the real estate magnate, said Trump’s remarks were “reprehensible.” Still, Falwell said, “we’re never going to have a perfect candidate,” and suggested the video leak was engineered by Trump’s enemies in his own party.

“I think it was timed,” Falwell told WABC-AM radio in New York. “I think it might have even been a conspiracy, you know, among the establishment Republicans who’ve known about it for weeks and who tried to time it to do the maximum damage.”

Trump has powerful enemies within the Republican Party, especially neocons, who are warmongers and love wars and military interventions. They insistently want war with Russia.

In the debate last Sunday, the moderator reminded Trump that his vice, Mike Pence, said that the U.S. should take an aggressive stand against Russia. Trump made publicly clear that he disagrees with Pence, by stressing: “Russia is fighting ISIS.”

Both the moderator and Hillary strongly pressed him in regard to Russia, but Trump resisted in his stance, which is different from Republicans and Democrats. They see Russia as the biggest threat. Trump sees ISIS as the biggest threat.

The GOP establishment is not satisfied with Trump’s different stances.

WND (WorldNetDaily), using Infowars as source, said that the video leak containing Trump’s private vulgar remarks was a plot of the Republican Party to sabotage Trump’s campaign. In short: Trump was betrayed by leaders of his own party.

But televangelist Pat Robertson dismissed Trump’s private vulgarities maliciously leaked, calling them an attempt by the candidate in the past to want “to look like he’s macho.”

On the video released Friday, Trump is heard uttering vulgar comments about women. Responding to the leak, Trump said that he was wrong to make those private comments.

Worse than private vulgar remarks by an American who has had support from conservative evangelicals is the behavior of some self-styled Brazilian conservatives who promote openly, daily and shamelessly vulgarities without never saying “I was wrong.”

Yet, in the U.S., which has not the accepted culture of vulgarity among conservatives as in Brazil, conservative Christian support for Trump has confounded those inside and outside evangelicalism. Trump, who was married three times, is a casino mogul. Early on, prominent evangelicals, including author Max Lucado, warned evangelicals against Trump over decency.

Even though a piggish mouth is a serious problem, could the public ignore Hillary’s bigger problems?

In a recent Pew Research Center survey, nearly 75 percent white evangelicals said that their major reason to prefer Trump is their dislike for Hillary. This aversion is largely over her abortion and sodomy activism.

In contrast with white evangelicals, AP reported that more than 6,000 Latino evangelical churches, including Brazilian churches, in the U.S. are endorsing Hillary, because of her policies favoring immigrants. They sold their ethical, moral and spiritual values for a socialist handout.

Because of immigration issue, the Catholic Church in the U.S. also thinks it is easier to back Hillary.

With the sabotage by the GOP establishment, it will be easier for evangelical immigrants to vote for Hillary by using as an excuse Trump’s vulgarities. Even Mormon Glen Beck, praised among conservatives, is encouraging this.

Should the focus be Trump’s indecent privacy, which he has already apologized for?

At a Liberty University congress Monday, Falwell put the focus on Hillary’s abortion and homosexual record, deeming it much more of a threat than Trump’s private vulgarities. Falwell said five years from now, “nobody is going to remember” what the Republican nominee said.

Yet, if Hillary is elected, everyone in the United States and around the world will pay a high cost for her aggressive abortion and sodomy agenda.

With information from Associated Press and WND (WorldNetDaily).

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