Why Democrats So Anxious to Disarm Law-Abiding Citizens

Every time there is a mass shooting, whether here in the United States or in another country, Democrats and other liberals instantly want more gun control laws.

After last week’s shootings at mosques in New Zealand, their Prime Minister quickly announced that she would institute stricter gun control laws in her island nation.

Some Democrats here in America, not only want more gun control laws and restrictions, but some are even trying to blame President Donald Trump for the shootings in New Zealand.

The real reason why Democrats push so hard for more gun control laws, restrictions and bans has nothing to do with reducing gun violence.

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Townhall – An Armed Citizenry Is A Free Citizenry, Which Is Why Liberals Want You Disarmed – Kentucky recently became the 16th state to amend its laws to get rid of onerous restrictions on healthy, law-abiding adults bearing arms, conforming its concealed weapons statutes to the Constitution and irritating liberals who prefer that we citizens remain helpless sheep. Some of us channel the Founders and believe it is every eligible citizen’s duty to own the kind of guns liberals label “assault weapons” in order to be able to personally protect themselves, their families, their communities and their Constitution; others just want the option of carrying a .38 at a house of worship or elsewhere in public where evil might manifest. But liberals oppose this natural right. Why? Well, there are only two kinds of people who object to Normal Americans being able to protect their lives and freedom, felons and aspiring tyrants, and it just so happens both of them are key constituencies of the Democrat Party.

The trend in most states is to “shall issue” concealed weapons permits, with a third of the states tossing out even those useless obstacles to free citizens exercising their personal choice when it comes to packing heat. In 2019, Second Amendment is evolving right, with society increasingly recognizing that this essential freedom should not be arbitrarily restricted. Liberals should be all aboard. Remember how liberals keep telling us that our conception of rights is supposed to take changes in society into account? We always hear how the Constitution must evolve when it’s a fake right that Democrats like, as opposed to one that’s actually written in the Bill of Rights…

Every time I am challenged by a liberal Democrat who wants more gun control laws, I ask them a series of questions:

Why is it that so many anti-gun Democratic politicians have armed security to protect them?

Why do so many liberal anti-gun celebrities are seen in public with armed security?

If guns cause violence, why are the overwhelming instances of school and mass shootings take place at gun free locations?

Why is that the media rarely reports instances where a legally armed citizen uses his or her weapon to protect themselves, protect others or stop a mass shooting?

The answers are simple – guns don’t cause violence, they prevent violence and the media don’t want you to know the truth because it would hurt their attempt to disarm the public.

As often said, the best defense is a strong offense, which is why we have a military.



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