Why Aren’t Conservatives Hiring Progressives Just So They Can Fire Them?

Pundits and other political junkies are either outraged or delighted with The Atlantic firing former National Review writer Kevin Williamson right after it hired him. But as people cry or rejoice over this, the better thing to do is ponder a simple question that leads to a whole new line of thinking: Why aren’t conservatives hiring progressives just so they can fire them?

To understand why one should ponder such a question, he must understand why The Atlantic firing Williamson is significant. Williamson is a member of the conservative ruling class, and as such he has consistently opposed Donald Trump and anyone who supported him for the presidency. And if Williamson is like other conservative ruling class members, he also desperately wants progressives to respect him. He probably was quite thrilled when The Atlantic hired him.

The first piece Williamson wrote for The Atlantic (which turned out to be the only one as far as I know) took a shot at a former National Review colleague and at the magazine itself. Right after that The Atlantic fired him, supposedly for things he said in the past.

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This means that the conservative Williamson is now without a job, and is without one after burning the bridge to his previous job. That’s a pretty big win for progressives.

So why aren’t conservatives going after progressives with just as much passion and dedication? Why aren’t conservatives hiring progressives away from their current jobs just so they can fire them, and leave them unemployed and humiliated?

The answer, of course, is that many conservative leaders are neither shrewd nor even aware that they are in a fight for the survival of the nation. Most of the rest of them are subversives who in reality are progressives.

But that doesn’t mean that people who want to survive couldn’t implement this strategy. Here’s one example of how to do so.

If I was president, I’d select a lot of progressives for my staff, cabinet heads, ambassadors, and so forth. Specifically I’d select currently serving Democratic congressmen, senators, governors, and so forth. A handful would reject the nomination, but most of them would accept it. They crave power and being named to a presidential administration is one of the ultimate forms of power.

There’d be a risk in this, of course. Putting progressives into your administration means risking subversion. But you’d offset that risk by managing what those people could do (i.e. minimize the powers of your officials). On top of this, the risk of subversion is already there. Progressives dominate the government—something anyone paying attention to what’s going on with the Trump administration already knows.

After this, I’d go about the process of firing every one of these progressives. I’d tease it out over time, but I’d make sure they would all eventually lose their jobs. True, each one of these people would quickly get another job (Williamson likely will too), but they wouldn’t be able to go back to their previous elected position. And that would be huge, because that would mean that there would be a whole bunch of elected positions formerly held by Democrats that now would be up for grabs.

Such a strategy would’ve been great for Trump to embark on. He could’ve really used it in preparation for the upcoming midterm elections. It would’ve been huge for him to have that advantage in attempting to keep both houses of congress Republican (something that currently is in doubt). It’s too late to start it now, but perhaps someone will be this shrewd in the future.

So as everyone else makes noise about The Atlantic firing Williamson, don’t worry about it. Instead, start thinking about ways people can turn progressives’ tactics and strategies on them.

And once people start thinking in this manner, it will lead to a new way of thinking in general—one that focuses on fighting back against people who hate us instead of one that focuses on trying to appease them.

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