Who’s Waging a ‘War on Women’?

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By Grace BeauregardBarbWire guest contributor

In February of 2011 the General Assembly of Virginia passed a law establishing regulations to cover minimum standards for certain health facilities including abortion centers.  In September of the same year, the Virginia Board of Health approved temporary clinic regulations 12 – 1 and in April, 2013, the Board voted 11 – 2 on final rules.

Since his inauguration in January 2013, Governor McAuliffe, a pro-abortion advocate, has made it his mission to repeal Virginia abortion clinic standards and Health Commissioner Levine (a male formerly known as Mark transgendered to a woman now known as Marissa) a willing participant, has already seen fit to issue variances to seven of the facilities. Try for a moment to put the abortion issue aside and just address the conditions under which women seeking abortions have been and will be subject to if this madness is  not brought to a screeching halt.

For starters, Steven C. Brigham, owner of Brigham’s Virginia Women’s Wellness has had his medical license revoked in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland; however he is still free to practice his trade in Virginia.  An inspection in March of 2014, revealed 33 pages of violations (many of which were repeat offenses),  which included improper handling and cleaning/sterilizing of dirty surgical equipment; failure to properly maintain patient monitoring equipment; improper infection control practices; improper drug handling; 4 of 5 recovery room recliners were noticeably dirty and broken; failure to ensure injectable drugs were mixed and labeled in accordance with regulations; failure to  change gloves between handling a “dirty” suction machine jar containing bloody aborted baby remains and handling a clean on; failure to follow manufacturer’s instructions for administration of controlled substances; in 13 of 13 abortion records inspected, all patient records failed to note specific drugs administered in the local anesthetic; water damage and mold in the walls; leaky ceiling and hallway strewn with trash and the list goes on!

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Capital Women’s Health, inspected July 2012, 16 pages of violations including workers who neglected to wash their hands between glove changes; failure to observe infection protocols – workers wore the same bloody surgical scrubs while seeing one patient after another; lack of equipment to suction patient airways in the event of an emergency.   Amethyst Health Center for Women, inspected June and December of 2012 with a total of 30 pages of deficiencies including serious infection control violations that went unchecked for months; expired drugs; failure to properly launder linens used for patients to prevent the spread of infection.  Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington,  Falls Church Center  inspected June 2012, 10 pages of violations including torn abortion tables that made sanitation between patients impossible; expired drugs and syringes; administration of medications without documented doctor’s orders.  Richmond Medical Center for Women, inspections May 2012 and March 2013, total 39 pages of violations including dried blood on rusty abortion tables and recovery room recliners; inadequate infection control training for employees; failure to wash hands and a lack of hand washing supplies.   Peninsula Medical Center for Women inspected May 2012, 31 pages of violations including a dangerously ill-maintained suction machine used every day for abortions; failure to ensure abortionists were competent.  Roanoke Medical Center for Women inspected July 2012 February and March 2013 with 66 pages of deficiencies including cross contamination violations and the inability to disinfect items between patients.

Can you honestly say that you would be perfectly satisfied to have an operation – any kind of operation under these conditions?   If the answer is yes, then I guess you don’t really care about the health of the women – it’s just all about the money.   If your answer is no, then contact Health Commissioner Levine and  demand the variances be withdrawn immediately and the safety regulations be strictly adhered to.  Keep in mind, the infractions listed here are only a sampling.  The Virginia Board of Health will be meeting on December 4th to address the clinic regulations.

CLICK HERE to contact the Virginia Dept. of Health.

Grace Beauregard is an activist and commentator from central Virginia.

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