Which is Worst for Great Britain – Leaving or Stayin in the European Union

In early 2013, Great Britain announced the plan to hold a referendum vote to determine if they would leave or stay with the European Union.

The referendum was voted on by the British people in June 2016.

Leaving the European Union, known as Brexit, won by a narrow margin of less than 4%.

Since that time, opposition to Brexit has been working hard to derail it before it happens.

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In according with the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018, the date set for the exit from the US is 11:00pm March 29, 2019.

So, which is best or worse for Great Britain – remaining part of the EU or withdrawing from it?

The Washington (Liberal) Post – Brexit would be hard for Britain. Staying in the E.U. would be worse. – Henry Olsen, senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, editor at Unherd.com and author of “The Working Class Republican: Ronald Reagan and the Return of Blue-Collar Conservatism.

British Prime Minister Theresa May has survived, but her drive for Brexit may not. That would be bad for Britain. Whatever challenges Brexit poses for the United Kingdom, they pale in comparison to those that will confront it if it remains in the European Union given the continent’s own problems.

The E.U. is in crisis. The East is becoming more populist by the day. Italy’s government has adopted a budget in contravention of E.U. guidelines, setting in motion a game of chicken that will test whether national governments within the E.U. are truly sovereign. And the E.U.’s pillars, France and Germany, are riven by political instability that will almost surely increase.

The recent protests against French President Emmanuel Macron show how tenuous the E.U.’s political stability is. His imperious manner and pro-Parisian policies have pushed the ordinary French voter close to the edge. Macron’s favorability ratings are now below 25 percent, making President Trump look like a national savior by comparison…

As Great Britain approached their exit from the European Union, I can’t help but wish the United States was doing the same thing with the United Nations.

The United Nations has been sucking up American dollars like a leech sucking blood from an unsuspecting host.

Everything about the United Nations is counter to what the United Stands for.

In reality, the United Nations has become a political enemy of the United States, especially over the past decade.

If I had the resources and connections, I would start a UNexit initiative.



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