What’s Wrong with ‘Common-sense Gun Control?’

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Common sense is certainly a commodity that is in short supply in America these days, especially in Washington. What’s wrong with “common sense gun control.” Not a thing. The question is who it is that is calling for common sense and what they might mean by that description.

Listening to Democrats in Washington crying for common sense gun control is like hearing a Palestinian Arab calling for peace in Israel. Something about it just doesn’t sound right. Democrats are not known for exhibiting anything remotely akin to common sense on any issue, so their veracity is dubious at best.

There is also the question of what these common sense measures would do, if anything. Obama and others, cheered on by the leftist media like to talk about “closing the gun show loophole.” The fact is, there is no gun show loophole. That’s just an illusion created by the gun-grabbing left. There is no legal requirement for a private citizen to pass a background investigation in order to purchase a car from a family member or a friend, and yet, a motor vehicle used as a weapon, is far more deadly than a handgun.

Any infringement of the Second Amendment is a threat to all of the people. The Left would like nothing more than to disarm the U.S. population. After all, doing so would make their efforts to control the citizens and squelch any resistance to their crimes and abuses much easier. Only an armed America can be a free people. Democrats say they want to expand background checks again. They say they want to ban “large” magazines again. They say they want to ban “assault weapons” (a bogus political term)again. None of these policies will affect the behavior of criminals or terrorists in any way.

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We already have background checks that disqualify persons who have criminal histories, protection orders against them, or have been treated for mental health problems. How would more of the same change anything? Can these checks prevent terrorists from killing our people? Will they stop criminals from killing police officers? The enormous gaping chasm in every one of the “common sense” Democrat policy initiatives is that only responsible people will obey them.

I would be happy to submit to more gun laws if Obama would stop violating the gun laws we have and circumventing immigration law. I’d gladly submit to more intense regulations if Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring would do his job and pursue voter fraud crimes. I’d even agree to take regular gun safety classes if former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton would be held accountable for Benghazi and her many violations of U.S. espionage laws. Why do we continue to make laws that not even lawmakers fully understand or commit to follow?

Democrats despise the Second Amendment because it’s an affront to their reckless, dangerous and undemocratic policies that are leading this country into ruin. When the Left says, “It’s about guns and gun violence,” it’s never about guns and gun violence. When Democrats say Obamacare is about providing health care to the uninsured, it’s not about providing health care, it’s about controlling health care. When godless liberals talk about bi-partisan cooperation, they mean imposing their reckless agenda on Congress and the people.

Liberals delight in shouting, “Hypocrite!” whenever a Christian opposes their attempts to ban guns from law-abiding people. They see a dichotomy where none exists. They will ask, “How can you say you’re pro-life and then own guns or join the NRA?” It’s quite simple. Because Christians realize that God makes a clear distinction between the spilling of innocent blood and killing in defense of one’s own life. Therefore, it is precisely because we value life that we are willing to take lawful and responsible steps to defend it.

Like many of my former shipmates, I first learned to shoot firearms in the U.S. Navy. When I was discharged, I had no thoughts of guns and no desire to own one. But that all changed for me in 2007 when Seung-Hui Cho went on a shooting spree and began killing students and faculty at Virginia Tech.

While working for the Virginia State Police, I saw that campus police and troopers were powerless to stop Cho because he had chained and locked the doors to the building he was in from the inside. Even if they could have gotten the doors open a few inches, most police officers do not carry bolt-cutters with them, and the hinges of the doors are also on the inside. But what shocked me was that when Cho was reloading one of his guns, the students simply cowered in a corner waiting to die. Unlike the heroic men on the plane that was heading toward Washington on September 11, 2001, no one stood up and said, “Let’s roll,” and tried to rush Cho, they just cowered in a corner and waited to be killed.

Shortly after the carnage at Virginia Tech., I bought handguns for my wife and myself, and we train regularly to maintain our shooting skills. We hope never to have to test our shooting skills on another person, but we will never again be unprepared to defend ourselves or others like the students at Virginia Tech.

Later in 2007, Matthew J. Murray killed four people and wounded five at Christian fellowships in Colorado, and we all remember the nine Christians killed during a bible study in Charleston, South Carolina on June 16 of last year. No one can afford to take for granted his or her own personal safety and security in this America of hope and change; not even in church.

Husbands and fathers have a moral obligation to protect and defend their wives and children. We all know this. Therefore, it’s outrageous act of betrayal for liberal politicians to attempt to deny any lawful American, the ability to defend his own Constitutionally-guaranteed right to life or the lives of his family members. Worse, to deceitfully package such a nefarious intent in a wrapper of “common-sense gun control.”

The truth is that mankind is not getting betterwe are getting worse. When there is no fear of God before his eyes, man will sink below the level of wild beasts. We have seen men who deny that they are men and pretend to be women. We have seen the Supreme Court of the United States hand down one un-Constitutional ruling after another, even creating a right for men to marry men and women to marry women.

Common sense recognizes a threat and prepares for it. Common sense finds a solution to a problem and adopts it. Common sense does not surrender or disarm. Neither does it lay down and die. There is no common sense in Democrat gun control policies, just uncommon recklessness and deceit.

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Timothy Buchanan
Timothy Buchanan is a US Navy veteran and the author of two published books, “The Threat from within: Denial of Truth” and “The Boobonic Plague.” He’s a former defense contractor, broadcast engineer, and he currently lives with his wife near the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia.

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