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When watching the news lately, you may be sarcastically thinking, “Oh boy! Yet another threat from North Korea against the South! Big deal. Chalk that up there with another nude shot of Miley Cyrus!”

And really, that’s what I was thinking every time ol’ Chubby Un stands up at the podium with his can-opener haircut and declares the victory (again) before the battle has even begun.

Split Focus

Kim Jong Un is somewhat divided in his focus. First, he can’t really believe that he can take the US down, as crazy as he is, he would be in full denial of the US’s military capabilities and experience in combat (even if North Korea has nukes). What Un desires is recognition. Figuratively he is the skinny guy wearing the turtleneck insisting that his biceps are just as big as the ‘steroid-monkey’s’ next to him. He won’t take off his sweater because his skinny arms will destroy any sort of “game” he has. Un is simply looking for recognition among the world powers.

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Hence, Un keeps making threats even against the US and hopes that they will come to the bargaining table. Then the world will look on North Korea as in the same power class as the Big Boys. But they aren’t.

Another thing Un must manage is trying to keep his country together.

I’m sure we all grimaced back in January 2014, when hearing how Un accused his uncle of being a counter revolutionary and fed him alive and buck naked to a pack of starving dogs. Turns out this was untrue, he was actually killed by a firing squad. Still, dead is dead and probably no Christmas card came from Aunty that year.

Rumors are, that there really is dissention in the party. Chances of seeing a coup are slim as Un showed no hesitation in killing even family at the drop of a cheeseburger.

Two groups of citizens live in North Korea: those who are brainwashed and sympathetic to The Party (hailing Un as some sort of Asian Messiah) and those who still have family back in South Korea and desire defeat of Un or at the least unification under South Korea. Taken the amount of those who have starved to death in North Korea, or those who have suffered the fate of a public execution, it’s probably only the lack of protein in their diets or their overconsumption of cannabis (yes Marijuana is legal in NK) that has any group loyal to Un at all.

Un must also contend with South Korea. Part of the population is so indoctrinated with communist propaganda that they share in Un’s hate for the South. There really is no peace option between South and North Korea as Un draws air from the Northern Hemisphere. It’s going to take his removal, dead or alive to get North and South to begin in peace talks.

Apparently Un is one of many children his father Kim Jong Il fathered, many illegitimate such as himself. So there are more crazies out there. The truth is that it would take a ‘Jong’ being paid off in billions, a guest cameo on Big Brother or someone completely outside the party to topple ol’ Chubbie and his half-brothers.

Crazy or just crazy image

There is no doubt that Un is missing a few screws. But is he crazy enough to start a full-out war? If he attacks South Korea, because of all the US military bases, he in essence attacks the US as well. Perhaps Un’s best quality is his unpredictability; you never really know if he is serious or just crying wolf.

South Korea is ready

In the past South Korea has taken a more tolerant approach with North Korea. The recent skirmish was the result of NK injuring two SK soldiers with a mine that was snuck into the South side of the DMZ. The South responded by spreading propaganda over loudspeakers to the NK side of the border. Now Un declares that is the gateway to all out war! I’m not sure how he could dismiss his mine placement from starting the machine up, but anyway.

My wife and I lived in South Korea for a year back in 2004-5 and we witnessed the concrete barriers on the beaches, sand bag constructed machine gun turrets and walls as well as spotlights sweeping the bays at night. Add to these, every Korean male is conscripted to two years military service. Many movies made in South Korea berate North Korean soldiers as imbeciles and as the subjects of jest.

South Korea, unlike North Korea, does not suffer from a divided population; everyone is on board with NK being the enemy. South Koreans have a strong relentless pride in South Korea being number one. They don’t like to lose. Believe me, SK is ready! But is there another weapon the South Koreans could add to their struggle against NK?

A spiritual element to this

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” (Eph. 6:12)

Korea before the split had a legitimate Christian faith story. Korea is one of the only countries to actually proselytize itself. University students from Korea went to hear a Christian speaker in China, came to faith in Christ, and came back to spread the word of Christ to a mainly ‘Confucionist’ population. They were eventually outlawed and martyred by the Korean authorities.

Christianity spread rapidly as a result and it has been estimated that South Korea has a third of its population identifying themselves with Christianity (including many people in influential positions). Don’t think that this “cold-war” hasn’t anything to do with what’s going on behind the scenes in the spiritual realm. We should consider the impact prayer could have, for the freeing and salvation of North Korea’s people and the continued Christianizing of South Korea, against a Godless communist regime.

Prayer can move mountains or borders!

Where does all this leave Korea?

There can be no arguing that things are escalating in the Korean dispute. With statements from Un that he has received final approval to attack South Korea it’s time to ‘put-em-up’ or ‘tuck-tail’ and walk away. Has Un just realized that his past threats lacked the sting they first did because they come so often and this last tirade was just a way to step up his game?

I know one thing, South Korea seems as though it’s had enough of the North’s threats and is buckling down to receive an assault.
If Un is just up to his old tricks of fear mongering, he may find himself in a dark alley with the one he’s been teasing!

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JG Smoothy
JG Smoothy is a musician and the writer of UNDERSTANDING THIS JESUS THING. He has one wonderful wife and three crazy children. JG is a pastor in Southern Alberta Canada and is in the middle of yet another book writing project.

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