What Would Mueller Do if He Was Fired?

From the moment President Donald Trump announced that Jeff Sessions’ former Chief of Staff would be Acting Attorney General, Democrats began running around like Chicken Little, hollering the sky is falling, the sky is falling when nothing had yet happened.

Democrats are running around saying that Mueller is going to be fired, Mueller is going to be fired, when so far, Whitaker has taken no action against Mueller.

But what if Mueller were to be suddenly fired from his position as Special Counsel to investigation Russian election interference and any possible collusion between Donald Trump, his campaign and Russia?

Would Mueller go running around blabbing what he had learned so far of what he suspects, or would he act in a manner of obeying orders and say nothing?

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The Hill –  If Mueller were fired, could he — would he — go public? – Let’s assume a worst-case scenario: Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker straight-up fires special counsel Robert Mueller — no half-measures of refusing to allow Mueller to take certain investigative steps, or drastically cutting Mueller’s budget to starve his Russia investigation of resources, but a flat out “You’re fired!”

If that were to happen before Democrats take control of the House in 2019, no congressional committee is likely to subpoena Mueller to testify to his findings or the evidence he has obtained. Until January, the Republican majority will continue to stand behind President Trump. So what could Mueller do to disclose his investigation in the absence of receiving a congressional subpoena to testify or hand over his findings? And what would he choose to do — assuming he believed the president has committed wrongdoing the public should know about?

Taking the second question first, Mueller may choose to do absolutely nothing. We know that Mueller is a military man; he follows orders. And his marching orders as special counsel, pursuant to the governing regulations, are to conduct relevant investigations, bring appropriate charges, and write a confidential report for the Department of Justice (DOJ). So,…

First of all, if President Trump or Acting Attorney General Whitaker were to fire Mueller, much of America would erupt in anarchy and violence from upset and irate Democrats.

And just because Republicans control the House now, doesn’t mean that they would try to take legal action against Trump and/or Whitaker once they get control of the House in January.

To be honest, what needs to done is for Mueller to be ordered to wrap up his investigation by the end of the year and submit everything he has discovered to the Department of Justice.

Don’t you think that if Mueller had found even the slightest shred of evidence against President Donald Trump that he would have made the known PRIOR to the midterm elections?

Since that didn’t happen, it seems clear that after 18 months of finding nothing incriminating against Trump or his campaign, that allowing the investigation to continue would be a huge waste of taxpayer money.



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