What is the Left’s Real Opposition to the Border Wall

Open up any mainstream (sewagestream) newspaper and you will find a plethora of news reports from various members of the left opposing the funding and building of the border wall.

Listen to any of the sewagestream news on the television and you will see the same thing.

Do an online search for the border wall and you’ll find that the vast majority of the pages that are listed will be in opposition to the wall.

Most of those sewagestream media reports say they oppose the border wall for humanitarian reasons and others try to say that all of our ancestors were immigrants, but fail to report that laws were different back when.

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So, what is at the root of the leftist opposition to the border wall?

Allen West: The Old School Patriot – Root of the Left’s Opposition to the Wall – Without a doubt, opposition to the wall is all about a political, and ideological, agenda for the progressive socialist left. We have all seen the countless video of leftists agreeing we have a problem — and even using the words “illegal immigration” — and that we should stem the flow of illegal immigrants into America.

The problem is that now, their hypocrisy is widely exposed. They have never believed in securing our borders and stemming this tide. The great thing was they knew the Republicans didn’t believe in it either! Yes, how else can one explain why — with a majority in the US House and Senate — the GOP did not push for this in their budgets for two years?

Now, some would say that they didn’t have the needed 60 votes in the US Senate. Well, then you pummel the opposition. And if the opposition, the left, is still obstinate about the matter of border security, you take the issue to the American people. Ya know, those folks who live in fear of, and being killed by, this growing criminal element in our nation.

But, there is a strategic reason the left cares little about stopping the flow of illegal immigrants, and why they support sanctuary state and city policies . . . and abolishing ICE…

Allen West goes to explain, and support his explanation with facts, that the root behind the opposition to the border wall is votes.

Namely, the votes of illegal aliens who do not have the right to vote, but thanks to warped politicians, still manage to cast votes.

He talks about the 95,000 non-citizens in Texas, half of whom have voted in at least one election.

To this I will add that both California and Oregon have laws that automatically register people to vote simply by their obtaining or renewing a state driver’s license.

Some still contend that there were at least 3 million votes cast in 2016 by illegal aliens and other non-citizens and most of those votes were for Hillary.

Realize that Hillary won the popular vote by less than 2 million, so if those 3 million illegal votes didn’t count, Trump would have won the popular vote as well as the Electoral vote.



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