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Recently, Pope Francis said, “America has a distorted vision of the world,” warning against Trump’s “dangerous alliance” with Russia that he fears will harm Islamic immigrants.”

Why is the pope so worried about an alliance between U.S. and Russia?

To see Russia as a threat is a traditional neocon approach.

Actually, in his campaign Donald Trump, who is the U.S. president today, countered this approach by attacking, and being attacked by, Republican Senator John McCain and hordes of neocons. Trump made abundantly clear that he wanted an alliance with Russia against Islamic terror.

Franklin Graham, a U.S.-Russian Alliance Is Necessary

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Franklin Graham, the son of the legendary evangelist Billy Graham and who was one of the Christian and Jewish leaders chosen to offer prayers at Trump’s presidential inaugural, has asked prayers also for a U.S.-Russia alliance against Islamic terror.

Graham, who would be labeled a “fundamentalist terrorist” by pope’s closest associates, sees such union as very essential.

Different of the Catholic pope, who sees such alliance as “dangerous,” evangelical Graham sees such alliance as necessary against Islamic dangers.

Consistent with pope’s wishes, neocons have asked sanctions and hostility against current Russia, which is conservative.

Neocons thrive on wars. They need to support their military industrial complex. So if the endless Islamic wars are extinguished, the neocons’ profits are gone. For them, it is more advantageous to make Russia a bogeyman and scapegoat and have a U.S.-Islamic alliance against the Russian bogeyman than having a U.S.-Russian alliance against Islam and its incessant wars and terrorism. If the world achieves peace, neocons go bankrupt. If America stops her incessant military meddling in the affairs of other nations, neocons go bankrupt.

With Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, McCain was a vocal supporter of the Ukrainian revolution, and of the U.S. providing arms to Ukraine against Russia, saying the Obama sanctions imposed against Russia were not enough. McCain has also been instrumental for the U.S., under Obama and now under Trump, providing arms to Islamic rebels in Syria and imposing sanctions on the Syrian government.

So if Trump wanted an alliance with Russia, why has he capitulated to McCain and neocons?

The best analysis came from Scott Lively, who said,

I believe President Trump will begin to shift back to some of his seemingly abandoned campaign promises, including an alliance with Russia, which I think is the best possible geopolitical outcome for pro-family conservatives.

Many people are angry with him for capitulating to McCain and the neo-cons on Syria and on Obama’s Cold War revival re Russia.

However, I think those capitulations are probably unavoidable because the US State and Defense department are the deepest strongholds of globalist power in our government and the hardest for the White House to control.

Taking and exercising control in those departments is a slow, systematic process that should grow incrementally easier as Mr. Trump consolidates control across the rest of the Executive Branch.

If I am right in my analysis, we’ll see significant policy changes within a year and obvious steps in the right direction soon.

John McCain has reportedly received over $100,000 from billionaire liberal activist-funder George Soros, who, by the way, has campaigned also against Russia.

Because Russia was the main opposition to Soros’s revolution in Ukraine, Soros has attacked mainly Putin. In his article titled “Putin is a bigger threat to Europe’s existence than ISIS,” Soros said, “The leaders of the US and the EU are making a grievous error in thinking that president Vladimir Putin’s Russia is a potential ally in the fight against Islamic State. The evidence contradicts them. Putin’s aim is to foster the EU’s disintegration.”

Capitulation to the neocons leads to disaster. What will Trump gain by capitulating to McCain, who has capitulated to Soros?

What will Trump gain by capitulating to McCain, who wants the U.S. government meddling in Ukraine and Syria against Russia?

Why Does the Left Accuse Trump of Collusion with Russia?

There is also a desperate effort to accuse Trump of “collusion” with Russia, as if Russia were a big threat to be shunned, as if Russia were the biggest communist threat in the world.

Actually, modern Russia is much more conservative, including in pro-family values.

Yet, there is actually a U.S. “collusion” with the largest communist nation in the world. The United States has made China the most powerful communist-capitalist nation in the world. If China has the biggest communist army in the world, it is thanks exclusively to the countless economic incentives from U.S. to the Chinese communist government.

Communist China has been supported by Democrats and Republicans, by Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump. All the conservative and socialist U.S. presidents have had “collusion” with the largest communist nation in the world in a lesser or larger scale. All of them are to blame, because all of them have in a lesser or larger scale followed the neocon agenda.

All of these presidents have different views on pro-family issues, but in neocon ambitions, all of them are equal in a lesser or larger scale. Some of them are ideologically different, with Carter, Clinton and Obama adhering to the socialist agenda and with Reagan, Bush and Trump adhering the conservative agenda. But all of them follow the neocon agenda that seems mandatory by the deep State.

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