What If Trump Is Racist?

What if it isn’t the thought that counts?

In 1992, Dustin Hoffman starred as Bernie LaPlante in the movie Hero with Andy Garcia. In it, Hoffman plays a mean and unlikeable (though not evil) guy who rescues multiple people from a plane crash. A mix-up occurs so everyone thinks Garcia’s character, John Bubber, is the hero. It’s a decent story and a good exposition on the topic of thoughts versus actions.

Turn on anything but Fox News, and you’ll see President Trump get accused of being racist multiple times a day by hosts and guests alike. Even a few on Fox News are not guilt free. So, I ask the question: What if he were racist?

Lest anyone use this piece against me on the infinitesimally small chance I run for office or am up for Supreme Court Justice, allow me to set the record straight: Racism is morally wrong, and logically stupid. Why hate a group of people based solely on the color of skin, when you can get to know them and find a host of reasons to dislike them? Logically, it makes no sense since there are good people of all colors and bad people of all colors. What makes you think you know which simply by looking at someone?

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Let’s assume Donald Trump is racist against blacks, Jews, and Hispanics (the latter term, by the way, created by a white Richard Nixon).

So, what?

That’s horrible, you say.

“If he’s racist, he’ll support and implement policies against [insert preferred minority here].”

Good point. Has he?

Not in the least. Behold:

Under President Trump, black unemployment is the lowest since they started keeping records in 1972. Same record-breaking unemployment rate for Hispanics. He’s anti-Semitic? How does an anti-Semite go about showing his anti-Semitism, even subconsciously? Does he move the US embassy to Israel’s real capitol of Jerusalem, something all previous presidents have promised but not delivered on? Would an anti-Semite officially recognize the Golan Heights – hard won, important land — as belonging to Israel, as Trump recently did? A Trump Thanksgiving dinner would be awkward at best since his son and daughter are practicing, orthodox Jews.

Trump’s actions are not those of someone who’s racist against any of these groups. For those claiming it’s a cover of some kind – that Trump is using these gestures in a grand scheme to fool the world — grow up.

The point is words only go so far. Your actions are all that matter.

Dennis Prager frequently recalls a male caller on his show from years ago who confessed to Dennis that, despite caring for his sick and elderly mother in all facets of her life, things would be easier if his mother were dead.

Paraphrasing Prager:

“I want to tell you I think you are one of the greatest men I’ve ever spoken to.”

Insulted by what he thought was a facetious remark, the man said:

“Did you hear what I said. I wish my mother were dead.”

Prager answered:

“Yes, I know, but you haven’t done anything to harm her. In fact, your actions are the complete opposite of your thoughts. Your thoughts don’t matter. Only your actions.”

Would it be great if our words always matched our actions? Sure. When I’m about to give money to our church or a charity, at times I complain in thinking where else my money could go – a date with Mrs. Cummings, a vacation, or a new gun (or a date with Mrs. Cummings for the specific purpose of buying a new gun). I don’t give because I’m necessarily gleeful when I do, but I know my money will help others. If our thoughts and words always dictated our actions, heaven help us.

Thoughts and words have their place, but only in what helps move people to act. Only results matter, and results run on actions.

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