What Have We Learned from Mueller’s Investigation?

In May 2017, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed the man who gave him his start in the Justice Department to be the Special Counsel to investigate the allegations made against Russia for interfering with the 2016 election and collusion between members of the Trump campaign and Russia.

Robert Mueller former FBI Director under Barack Obama began his task with instructions to only investigate the allegations of Russian interference and collusion by the Trump campaign.

Over the past 18 months, Rosenstein has repeatedly given Mueller permission to go beyond the original scope and purpose of his tasked investigation.

To date, Mueller has indicted a couple dozen people, but has yet to indict Trump or any member of his campaign for colluding with Russia.

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Power LineHouse Democrats have sought to impede committee investigations that have brought us the most important findings in the Russian hoax foisted on us by the Clinton campaign and its media adjunct. Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes deserves special recognition for standing in there while taking the slings and arrows of House Democrats and their media allies. If any current political figure deserves a Presidential Medal of Freedom, it is Nunes. In its editorial yesterday (accessible here on Outline, obviously written by Kim Strassel) the Wall Street Journal paused to recall what we have learned so far now that House Democrats will shut these investigations down. Here is the heart of the editorial:

Credit for knowing anything at all goes to Intel Chairman Devin Nunes and more recently a joint investigation by Reps. Bob Goodlatte (Judiciary) and Trey Gowdy (Oversight). Over 18 months of reviewing tens of thousands of documents and interviewing every relevant witness, no Senate or House Committee has unearthed evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to win the presidential election. If Special Counsel Robert Mueller has found more, he hasn’t made it public.

But House investigators have uncovered details of a Democratic scheme to prod the FBI to investigate the Trump campaign. We now know that the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee hired Fusion GPS, which hired an intelligence-gun-for-hire, Christopher Steele, to write a “dossier” on Donald Trump’s supposed links to Russia…

Many conservatives believe that Rosenstein has had some kind of vendetta against Trump, which is the reason he has continued to give Mueller so much latitude and free reign for the investigation.

One thing can be certain, if Mueller had even the tiniest shred of evidence against President Donald Trump, he would have made it known BEFORE last week’s midterm elections in hopes of swaying more voters to vote against Trump supporting Republicans.

Personally, I believe that Mueller has been needlessly extending the investigation just so he can continue to get a fat paycheck at taxpayer expense.

If no evidence against Trump has been found in 18 months, it’s time to end the investigation and move on.



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