What does an invasion look like? Islam, the Religion of Pieces

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I have moved past reactions, such as gasping, drawing back in disbelief or throwing the remote at the TV when hearing about yet another atrocity acted out by Islam: The Religion of Pieces.

I mean, how many times can you call the devil, the devil? For those of us who have not hidden our heads under the bed sheets, and are willing to call a spade, a spade, the fact Satan’s middle east chapter of the Hell’s Angels (riding ‘souped-up’ camels) is constantly in character with death, destruction and arrogance, is nothing new for us. It’s not like we are still giving the benefit of the doubt anymore, “hmmm, did that terrorist just cut that guy’s head off or did that nosey foreign aid worker trip and fall against that fig-vendor’s sword?”

It’s more than clear what’s going on.

Problem is, I keep running into these post modern hippies who would willfully gouge out their eyes with rusty BBQ tongs in order to deny the truth right there in front of them. It’s really weird to watch them high five each other in congratulations of who is the blindest person in the whole lefty movement. All I can think is that these folk would make great extras if there were ever a “Children of the Corn 2”.

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But I wondered if taking a different route with them may kick-start their brains. What if I asked them questions that led them to discover the truth for themselves, as they are obviously violently resistant to anyone suggesting a different view than theirs?

Or are their brains already too far dilapidated?

The most poignant question may be:

“What would an intelligently run invasion look like to you?”

Considering, that we are way past the medieval practice of meeting someone out on a field, with our forces, and ‘duking it out’ , “mano-a-mano”, soldier to soldier.

Considering we have seen the enemy and his deceptive practices in the middle east: cowardly suicide bombings (in order to acquire their own porno set in the afterlife), using women and children as human shields, or even their infiltration of US army barracks to perform mass shootings. They are in Jihad which means that they can look like us, sin like us and receive absolution because they are at war with the infidel.

We have seen how the enemy works, so why are we expecting them to come into the US, Canada or Europe with guns blazing and tanks-a-crushing? They could never fight like that against the West on our home soil (yet). Sneaky, infiltrating, Guerrilla warfare, is not only their plan of choice, but their only option if looking to invade North America.

You cannot listen to Imam after Imam, terrorist after terrorist, Islamist after Islamist, regular ‘Moe-Muslim’ after regular ‘Moe-Muslim’ threaten to infiltrate the West, destroy it inhabitants and claim the land for “Albert”(bless his holy name for ever…), sorry, I mean Allah, and take these threats with a grain of salt.

The  youth in the west are willfully stupid. I know they will hate me for writing that, but you leave me no choice. To think of their willingness to hand over our land in order to avoid a fight, and realize that my children could end up in subservience to a religion that champions a dead pedophile, scares the crap out of me. Like, come on kids; give me something to go on rather leaving me to think that there is one sole Tic-tac rattling around in those skulls.

But as the West sits right now, there is a deconstructing of every stable thing in society. Laws are being usurped, out in the open, by men and women who would gleefully separate your head from your body.

So we’ve asserted that the Middle East does not possess the firepower to do an aggressive outright invasion of the West.

We have also asserted that they have promised for the better part of forty years that they will invade, crush and occupy the West.

We have seen the sneaky guerilla warfare that the Muslims have fought in the Middle East and specifically against Israel right now as my keystrokes fall.

We are watching what are supposed to be victims, refugees, the weak and downtrodden, storm the borders of western European nations.

We are watching the ultimate of infiltrators, Barack Hussein Obama, rush in these supposed refugees (mostly fit men aged 19-45) through the Mexican Borders by the thousands while denying their Christian countrymen entrance into the US.

Ironically, so-called “radical” Islam is in bed with the far, far left. The more the far left picks away, like vultures, at the constitution and handcuffs Christianity, the easier it is for Islam to fill the gaps which were once occupied by the conservatives, who are the building blocks of western society because of their championing of the family structure.
Islam has the liberals fighting their battle.

And it’s easy for the rich starlets to go left, if the decisions made by the Dems do not touch their wealth in a significant way. They can have their sin, and their Porsche as well. But for those who’ve had Barry’s decisions affect them financially, or come down hard on their Christianity, this is not something that we can go on enjoying life with.

Truth-be-told, we need to treat this as an invasion, because it is an invasion. We can no longer just look at Barack Obama’s stupidity as “just stupidity.” These decisions are aiding in a calculated invasion. Jokes about Obama’s link to Islam are confirmed by every move he makes. Believe me, there’d be less evidence demanded for someone in the US to prove they were a bonafide Muslim.

Heck at least during the time of the cold war, we were able to identify it as a war, not like today where this is just some form of extreme biased multiculturalism.

Treat this as a war; we are being invaded.

Treat BO like what he is…a terrorist in the Whitehouse.

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JG Smoothy
JG Smoothy is a musician and the writer of UNDERSTANDING THIS JESUS THING. He has one wonderful wife and three crazy children. JG is a pastor in Southern Alberta Canada and is in the middle of yet another book writing project.

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