What Brexit Means for the Pro-Family Movement

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The Brits voting overwhelmingly for Brexit was a wholesale repudiation of globalism, which places the interests of the world and global rule — in this case the interests of all Western Europe — above those of an individual nation.

The Globalists in our midst are statists, and I would venture further—Satanists.

They do not regard the Lord God with the full reverence He deserves. They want all references to His Divine authority removed and replaced with their own arrogant determinations.

To meet that end, where man is supreme, and humanism the final ideal, a one-world order is necessary. The erasure of distinctions and conflicts merely ensures a greater ease for imposing dominance on others.

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Besides, unity free of conflict and discord appeals to less aware minds. The most well-intentioned of leaders, thinkers, and everyday people would like to see the removal of hardened barriers. Jean-Jacques Rousseau preached this secular hodge-podge Gospel, and the modern (yet in reality every backward) progressives dedicated their research and talents to creating a better world, a Novus Ordo Seclorum.

There is only one problem.

The concept of a unified world order sounds enticing at first, but it cannot happen without the unconditional surrender of individual sovereignty. Who should make these decisions? Who should impost

Like the babbling idiots post-Babel, the devious ingenuity of man hits not just one, but many brick walls, and not only because he can no longer build with them.

The facts are that the small cadre of elites in our society want to reduce every person and local authority to their whim. From the major corporations out to make money, and distort the marketplace in the process, to the military-industrial complex, to the Big Everything litany—Big Banks, Big Business, Big Bureaucrats—out to enrich themselves through unaccountable law-giving and taxation, they are destined to make the state supreme, and themselves the supreme heads of that state.

One of the key policies in that agenda? The destruction of the family.

The homosexual barrage in numerous facets of our culture—education, media, entertainment, commerce–indicates the aggressive advancement of the Human Rights Campaign (inhuman and anything but right), all stem from this progressive insistence on removing Daddy and Mommy from kids’ lives. After all, Big Government requires not just removing the primacy of the individual, but also reducing the relevance and value of the family.

This disturbing tactic is nothing new.

Go back to Plato’s Republic, and the same agenda is spelled out by the mythical Socrates to his intellectual charges. If the benevolent despots wish to remake society in their own image (notice again the direct necessity of removing any mention let alone respect for God Almighty), the dangerous elites must get control of the children early.

Of course, the Greeks with all their “wisdom”, were not endowed with a sanctified revelation of the Living God who loves all mankind and wishes us to have life.

What about other groups?

The Islamic Ottomans would kidnap children in their blood-thirsty conquests throughout the Middle East and the Mediterranean. The Nazis took extra care to indoctrinate the Hitler Youth to pledge allegiance not to the state, or to the Nazi ideology, but the Furher himself.

The determination has changed shape, color, and creed, but the impulse is still the same.

The Globalist agenda, anti-family and anti-liberty, is very pro-interventionist.

Let us have your children, and we will teach them cunningly devised fables.

They will believe in Big Brother, not YHWH. They will recognize the force of the state, and the Dear Leader of this or that dynasty.

Now we find them in less polished form, more dedicated to a calm neutrality, armed and ready to take the different nations by storm. The technocrats out of Brussels are worse than the fabulist philosopher kings of Plato, the fanatical janissaries of the Muslim world, or even the less spiteful kings of the Medieval times. The last of that sortie were rogues, but at least they recognized some sort of divine power.

The modern European Commissioners want to dispense with God and make themselves the final authority. No higher power than the European Superstate. Individual functionaries can rise through the ranks, but must adhere to the collective mindset. Inner Party v. Outer Party, Comrade Ogilvie goes down the Memory Hole. If you do not comply, you go to Room 101.

Yes, people, the European Commission, the unelected policymakers, regulators, and central bankers embody George Orwell’s 1984 nightmare.

Mom and Dad are gone, just open up your arms wide to Big Brother, even if the thought police have their guns pointed at the back of your head.

And of course, the future: A boot in your face forever. Yes, that is the sad game that the globalists want to play, and you and I will pay.

But not for long. The United Kingdom Independence Party fought for Britons to put Great Britain First! Nigel Farage, the long-standing leader of the movement, outlined clear, free-market principles. He also declared the party’s opposition to … gay marriage!

Biggest concern? The attacks on individual liberty and freedom of conscience!

He has also supported allowing every British citizen to own their own handgun.

The Brexit signals the restoration of sovereignty, and with that the restoration of family power. The British voters said “Enough!” Their declaration is not just for the individual nation state, but for the individual family, and the individuals themselves. Watch and see as pro-marriage and pro-life movements manifest themselves stronger than ever!

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Arthur Schaper
Arthur Schaper is a blogger, writer, and commentator on topics both timeless and timely; political, cultural, and eternal. A life-long Southern California resident, Arthur currently lives in Torrance. Follow his blogs at The State of the Union and As He Is, So Are We Ministries.

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