What About the 16% of Born-Again Evangelicals Who Voted for Hillary?

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Exit polls from the recent presidential election indicate that a small minority (16%) of those who identify themselves as born-again evangelicals broke ranks and cast their votes with the now-repudiated liberal Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Here’s my personal recommendation to the bulk of evangelicals who will frustratingly find themselves dealing with this misguided splinter group which presumably shares the pews, but not our moral principles, with us. We should begin by asking them some ground-undercutting questions and then confronting them with a number of hard-hitting facts.

The following line of questioning is certainly a good place to start: Are you different from the world? Do you think like most born-again Christians or like the majority of those who are opposed to Christian values? Are you counter-cultural or are you unwittingly aiding and abetting those who are hostile to our one, true great faith?

So, let’s find out the answer to these and many similar soul-searching inquiries by putting things in terms of our recent election cycle. Perhaps this slim subset of the evangelical base will finally wake up and realize that they unfortunately have much more in common with the wrong camp and therefore need to make some drastic changes, and pronto.

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Our conscience-pricking probe of these pitifully lost sheep continues: Did you vote like most of those that are named in the list of individuals or groups provided immediately below? Do these people really share and accurately represent your core values and Christian virtues?

  1. Abortion activists, organizations or providers: Hillary and her VP running mate, Tim Kaine, for instance, pledged to overturn the Hyde Amendment and funnel our tax dollars directly towards the bankrolling of baby butchery which is being committed on a horrifyingly gruesome scale by Planned Parenthood, an outspoken ally of the Left which contributed over $38 million in blood money from their vast war chest for the campaigns of Hillary and other pro-death politicians. No pro-life Christian that I know has ever claimed that a president can unilaterally reverse abortion in one fell swoop (That’s a red herring argument put forth by those trying to soothe their guilt pangs for having supported a baby killer), but our nation’s Commander-in-Chief most certainly does have the power and authority to 1.) steer all money away from abortion providers and programs, 2.) appoint pro-life judges/officials, 3.) put in place common sense health guidelines that will indirectly lead to the closing of many unsafe, unhygienic abortion clinics (like Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s house of horrors in Philadelphia) 4.) promote efforts to educate the public on the evils and societal ills associated with abortion industry and, until Roe v. Wade is overturned, 5.) implement restrictions on the grisly late-term slaughter of the most vulnerable among us. Hillary, on the other hand, has heartlessly said that an “unborn person” has no rights, and she supports unfettered access to infanticide at any point in a pregnancy, no matter how lame or self-serving the reason(s) may be. All of the outrageous things that Donald Trump has said or done over the years pale in comparison to being murdered. I’d rather be alive and offended by Trump than be dead and thrown in a dumpster. Every other issue (health insurance, economy, foreign policy, immigration) only matters to you if you have a beating heart – dead people are unaffected by such temporal concerns.
  2. Hollywood’s usual liberal suspects: Political “experts” such as twerking, wild child Miley Cyrus, F-bomber Jay Z, lewd and crude Lena Dunham, naked-voting Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and all of their degenerate accomplices who are shamelessly corrupting the impressionable minds of our nation’s youth.
  3. The Communist Party USA (CPUSA) which endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. Not surprisingly, the mainstream media remained essentially mum about this pesky piece of troubling news.
  4. Atheists, anti-theists and agnostics who devote a considerable amount of energy to undermining the Judeo-Christian foundation of our nation.
  5. The secularists who are irrationally-fixated on driving God out of every single public sphere.
  6. Ex-cons: That’s exactly why Democrat Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, a long-time Clinton crony, dutifully helped swing the election Hillary’s way in his state by allowing thousands of dangerous felons to vote.
  7. Racist groups like Black Lives Matter and other race-baiting hucksters such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who predictably engage in playing the divisive race card rather than trying to productively bridge this lingering divide.
  8. Transgender bathroom advocates: Remember Obama’s dangerous and outrageous transgender directive to our public schools last May? Care to venture a guess as to who supported this madness — Hillary and her most ardent sycophants.
  9. Mainstream media: The vast majority of which aren’t partial to Christians, don’t go to church and routinely do hit pieces on people of faith and conservatives. Also, they intentionally blackout news stories that could potentially help or favor those on their enemies list. This cabal of pseudo-journalists is nothing more than the water-carrying lackeys of the Left – the glaring propaganda arm for the Democrat party’s nefarious agenda.
  10. Anti-God professors and administrators in academia who mock, ridicule and feverishly strive to sabotage the faith of the Christian students in their classes. They ruthlessly misuse their authority (using grades as a weapon to coerce their captive audiences into regurgitating their leftist swill) and sadly churn out many good, little “progressive” zombies.
  11. Enraged LGBTQ Lobbyists who often employ intimidation tactics and extremist rhetoric in order to cram their reckless social engineering down everyone’s throats. This ill-tempered mob is perfectly willing and, in fact, eager to bankrupt, smear and destroy the livelihood of anyone who gets in their way.
  12. Brain-fried drug users and pro-drug legalization supporters: By the way, federal code currently forbids recreational marijuana usage. This means that these dope-pushing politicians and activists at the state and local level have absolutely no respect for our laws as they currently stand.
  13. Violent post-election protesters who are going on destructive rampages thru our streets, burning down the businesses of their hard-working fellow residents, beating to a pulp innocent bystanders who voted for Trump, vandalizing public and private property and looting well into the wee hours of the night. These professional agitators have been bought and paid for by the pro-Communist, billionaire friend of Hillary, George Soros. It has just been further discovered that Planned Parenthood and MoveOn.org have also been paying people to participate in these violent anti-Trump protests in Boston, Denver, Philadelphia, Columbus and Pittsburgh. And the Project Veritas undercover videos have shockingly exposed how Democrat National Committee insiders hired troublemakers to provoke mischief and mayhem for Trump. The current riots are a direct by-product of “progressive” demagoguery spewed by their well-financed rabble rousers and grievance-mongers.
  14. Pro-Sharia law backers, which is not all Muslims, but there are certainly many more than our biased, collaborating media would have us believe. Islam, as taught by its murderous founder Muhammad, is in no way the religion of peace. (Read the Quran or I’ll gladly point you to numerous reliable resources to set you straight, if you like). And was it really a good idea to send in excess of $33 billion in secret cash and gold payments to the world’s largest state-sponsor of terrorism (Iran), who has made it abundantly clear that they want nothing more than “Death to America” and to wipe Israel off the map? Well, I hate to break it to the clueless, but most pundits who hack and flack for Obama and Hillary think so. Is wise to hitch one’s wagon to those who defend such horrendous, half-baked foreign policy? It’s high time you dust off your Bible – the one decorating your coffee table, yeah, that one – and see what it says about how we should treat Israel. Or do you naively believe that Iran will merely use this money to build orphanages or homeless shelters? (Yes, God will ultimately protect Israel, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be many who are needlessly massacred in savage terrorist attacks, thanks in large part to the funds we ill-advisedly sent to the barbaric Ayatollahs.)
  15. “Progressive” university students: The Ignorant, hyper-sensitive buttercups who come instantly unglued and throw destructive temper tantrums every time they happen to encounter a conflicting idea that bursts their little, fantasy world bubble. These delicate snowflakes act more like sniveling, spoiled rotten brats who expect to be coddled and petulantly demand everything for free. The real world, which couldn’t care less about their silly trigger warnings, safe spaces, micro-aggressions and free speech zones, will devour them alive if they don’t grow up fast. These sheltered, disaffected types might win a trophy for last place or receive an award for maintaining a “C” average at Pantywaist University, but no employer will ever give them a promotion or a pay raise for mediocrity or for doing a lousy job – the sooner they learn these kinds of valuable life lessons, the better for them and the rest of us as well.
  16. Those of the entitlement, handout-dependency mindset: Not everybody who receives government assistance is included in this category, but we all know that there is a rapidly growing number of people who brazenly game the system, and they always vote in accordance with their own greedy self-interest. These lazy leeches on society definitely know who butters their bread, which sure sounds an awful lot like vote-buying to me.
  17. Socialist malcontents who want to moronically blow up Capitalism’s free market economic system which has made America the greatest, most powerful and richest nation in history (and will also create a permanent welfare-based underclass, just like every other socialist loser state in the world.) As the late great British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once so-wisely stated, “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” And since when did certain Christians start buying into the ridiculous notion that charity means giving away other people’s money?
  18. Militant, man-hating feminists
  19. An activist judiciary of black-robed tyrants (and those who, figuratively speaking, offer their rubber-stamp to the liberty-subverting power grab of our overlords in the third branch of government) who rule unaccountably from the bench in a glaringly obvious attempt to shred the Constitution and distort the actual intent of its framers. Liberals have blatantly abused the judiciary to do an end-run around the will of the people and to illegitimately enact regulations that they know they could never get accomplished legislatively or via referendum. Nancy Pelosi, the current Democrat Minority Leader in the House of Representatives, recently admitted as much. Instead, they’d much rather foist their leftist trash on the American public through judicial fiat. Is that what we really want – an unelected oligarchy rather than a representative form of democracy?
  20. The PC police and the easily offended who are contributing to the wimpification and sissification our nation.
  21. The theologically liberal pastors who are wickedly leading their flocks astray and destroying their respective denominations in the process.
  22. New Agers who shameless hawk their wares such as Oprah Winfrey, the high priestess of the New Age. And worse yet, she and others of her ilk, deceptively repackage their heresies in Christian terminology in a sinister effort to ensnare the unsuspecting.
  23. Non-church attenders
  24. Bible Bashers and truth trashers
  25. Those who consistently call Christians haters, fundies, the Christian Taliban, bigots, homophobes and every other ridiculous “phobe” that their devious minds can invent.
  26. The Orwellian redefiners of everything, including marriage, gender and even the word “love,” which they now insist means that we must agree and approve of every godless thing they say, think, believe or do.
  27. The distorters of the true meaning of “the separation of church and state,” which is NOT found anywhere in the Constitution or in any of our founding documents. The actual point of this phrase, as uttered by Thomas Jefferson in his well-known letter to the Danbury Baptists, was to assure these believers of their protection from government intrusion, not the other way around. Our founders never intended an all-out ban or censorship of Christian values and viewpoints from the political arena or government property. What part of “no law … prohibiting the free expression thereof” don’t they understand?
  28. The lawless who have no respect for our borders and immigration laws: If someone doesn’t like our current immigration policies, then there is a proper process whereby they can try to change them in a legal manner. But no one should be sanctioning the blatant violation of our laws. When leaders – mostly liberal Democrats – encourage a dangerous disregard for the law by creating sanctuary cities, for example, we end up with tragic stories like that of Kate Steinle, who was murdered by an illegal immigrant with quite a rap sheet for heroine/narcotics possession and manufacturing. Her killer should have been deported or locked up in jail, instead of being shielded by law-flouting San Francisco politicians. And there are many more victims like Ms. Steinle, whose family, unlike that of cop-hating Michael Brown’s, didn’t so much as get a visit or a call from our current president. Our nation’s over 300 lawless sanctuary cities (and still counting) and the current administration’s unconscionable open border attitude has invariably lead to a crime “wave of staggering proportions,” which “account[s] for 13.6% of all offenders sentenced for crimes committed in the U.S. Twelve percent of murder sentences, 20% of kidnapping sentences and 16% of drug trafficking sentences are meted out to illegal immigrants.”
  29. Those who want to force Christians into violating their consciences and deeply-held religious beliefs: We have witnessed efforts at stiff-arming Hobby Lobby into paying for abortifacients (abortion-inducing drugs) OR trampling on the religious freedoms of Christian wedding vendors OR firing government officials like Eric Walsh because of the biblical sermons that he preached within the four walls of his church OR trying to impose public transgender accommodation laws on churches in Iowa and Massachusetts.
  30. Tax and spend liberals who will bankrupt this nation and drive us to financial ruin, just so they can keep on pandering to their base with an endless flow of goodies. For crying out loud, the government isn’t Santa Claus, people.
  31. Those who want to put the Federal government in charge of everything and run roughshod over state and individual rights — turning federalism on its head and moving us ever closer to a Washington-run totalitarian state. If history has taught us anything, it has consistently confirmed that foolhardy consolidations of raw power will inevitably prove disastrous. I’m sorry, but “we the people,” the peasantry, are the ones who sign the politician’s paychecks and are supposed to be the ones in power. Somewhere along the line, our leaders have forgotten that they are “public servants.” Get out your dictionary and look up the word “servant” – you won’t find anything about bossing and pushing everybody around!
  32. Anarchist groups who foment and thrive on turmoil, chaos, riots, lawlessness and civic unrest.
  33. Flag burning America haters.
  34. Ideologues for moral relativism and reality relativism: These people have jettisoned universal standards of decency for ever-evolving situational ethics. They mindlessly elevate feelings over facts by claiming that gender, race and other birth-determined physical characteristics are nothing more than the social constructs of an antiquated, patriarchal, repressive society. Many of those in the Millennial Generation have lamentably bought into this morally bankrupt, untethered-to-reality, logic-suspending world view.
  35. Pornographers and those involved with sex work and the adult entertainment industry.
  36. City slickers who condescendingly look down their noses at ordinary middle America because they think they’re so much more sophisticated, cultured and enlightened than all those backward hayseeds and rednecks who live in fly-over country.
  37. The purveyors of the divisive game of identity politics who balkanize and polarize the electorate by pitting various groups (based upon race, gender, religion, sexual “orientation,” etc) against one another.
  38. Those individuals who are afflicted with the increasingly prevalent victim mentality. Everyone and everything else is to blame for their miserable lot in life. The thought that they should ever take responsibility for their own lives would never cross their minds in a million years. It’s much more easy to wallow in self-pity than to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps.
  39. Radical animal activists who deny humanity’s special and preeminent position atop God’s created order. In stark contradiction to the New Testament teachings of Jesus (Matt. 10:29-31, 12:12), these fringe factions maintain that animals are of equal or, in some cases, superior value to human beings. They consider anyone who elevates Homo sapiens above all other living organisms to be guilty of speciesism. Most of these animal liberation zealots vehemently argue that everything from the microscopic amoeba to the majestic blue whale should be afforded greater legal protections than human babies in the womb.
  40. Multi-Culturists who deny American exceptionalism and instead champion ideologies and philosophies that are diametrically opposed to our constitutional system of government and completely at odds with the time-honored, proven ideals of Western Civilization. These menacing individuals promote division rather than unity and cultural assimilation; thus, eroding national cohesion.
  41. Extreme globalists who treacherously push for the surrender of our national sovereignty to anti-American world governing bodies that are comprised of delegates/officials/leaders from Communist, totalitarian, Islamic and other repressive regimes.
  42. Anti-Semites (Jew haters) whose knee-jerk, default reaction is to blindly blame Israel for any and every bloody skirmish or terrorist attack that occurs within or near its national borders.
  43. Bleeding-heart liberals who are notoriously weak on national defense and soft on crime.
  44. The blame-America-first fanatics who cheered wildly during Obama’s 2009 apology tour.

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Jeff Allen
Jeff Allen is both a senior editor and columnist for BarbWire. He also serves as senior pastor in a mainline Christian church in Indiana. He is an ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene. Jeff is involved in several community ministries.

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