We Need Stricter ‘Nut Control’ Not ‘Gun Control’…and Let’s Begin with Obama

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I don’t know how else to say it: Guns don’t kill people, nut jobs do. Of course basic common sense like this is lost on both the establishment media and President Barack Obama. However, what isn’t lost in the fray, is Obama ability to exploit a national tragedy. Speaking out late Friday afternoon at the White House about the Roseburg shooting, the President made an remarkable admission.

During the press conference Q&A, Jonathan Karl of ABC News asked:

Back in July, Mr. President, you said that the gun issue has been the most frustrating of your presidency. We certainly heard that frustration from you last night. So in the last 15 months of your presidency, do you intend to do anything differently to get Congress to act or to do something about this gun violence problem?

And like a good clintonian, Obama seized the moment, saying:

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The people who are troubled by this have to be as intense and as organized and as adamant about this issue as folks on the other side who are absolutists and think that any gun safety measures are somehow an assault on freedom or communistic, or a plot by me to take over and stay in power forever or something. I mean, there are all kinds of crackpot conspiracy theories that float around there, some of which, by the way, are ratified by elected officials in the other party, on occasion.

We’ve already addressed the lies, distortions and other wise blatant attempts to cover up and conceal vital information in another post. Thank God the alternative media that makes it possible to expose this President’s satanic agenda.

Yes, that’s right Mr. President, we do believe you would use any possible means to extend your presidency and obviously you would have to disarm the U.S. electorate to accomplish this feat. But the blatant lies and obfuscation about your long term agenda isn’t the issue in the immediate foreground – but I will address it in short order.

What is immediately problematic is your rhetoric. What America needs right now is not stricter “gun control’ but stricter “nut control”. The fact is, that unlike many Western countries, America’s policy towards the homeless, and those who are mentally unstable, is a sham. Unlike truly humane countries, America releases too many of these disturbed individuals back in to the populace with no nut registry, no background check of substance abuse and no safeguards in place for the innocent people that walk among them.

It is time that America had an honest discussion about the policies of the federal government, state government and city government on homeless and mentally disturbed individuals. This is why there should be a nation wide call for stricter “nut control.”

But even if that were all implemented, government policies can’t guarantee people’s safety. Rather people need to be empowered to protect themselves. And that is precisely what the Second Amendment establishes. In fact, there really is no need to implement safety policies for innocent civilians. What is needed is proper education about the importance of self-defence.

Of course, the political climate in Washington has its sights set on toppling the Second Amendment; not empowering the people to defend themselves. And this leads me back to the initial assertion that the President raised – the one about “crackpot theories.”

One can’t help but wonder, Mr. President, given what you have rammed through Congress or decreed by Executive Order over your tenure if in fact your ultimate aim is to embrace your Anti-Christ destiny and seize power the way you seize every opportunity to use that bully-pulpit to berate Americans.

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Tristan Emmanuel
Tristan Emmanuel is director of development and contributing editor at BarbWire. He is also co-publisher and CFO of BarbWire Books - a publishing company dedicated to promoting both the biblical worldview and Christian and conservative authors. Emmanuel is CEO of www.TrumpTheMedia.com. He is also the author of two books Christophobia: The Real Reason Behind Hate Crimes Legislation and Warned: Canada’s Revolution Against Faith, Family and Freedom Threatens America. Emmanuel holds a Master’s of Theology from McMaster Divinity School. He also loves to sing classical music.

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