Video: Deranged ASU Student Goes Ballistic on Pro-Natural Marriage Supporter


The supporters of natural marriage are constantly being told that acts of homosexual rage and violence are not representative of their larger sexual anarchy movement. If that’s the case, then why are such incidents happening with increasing regularity? In fact, despite their repeated claims to the contrary, these stories are fast becoming the daily fare on as we endeavor to chronicle the true colors of the rainbow shirt thugs — the enemies of true tolerance and sexual morality.

See here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here for more shocking examples of homosexual hatred and fury directed at peaceful, loving, gentle, God-fearing Christians. And for those that want to claim that this is just some kind of Christian martyrdom complex, read here and here and here and here and find out who’s really playing the martyr “card” — remember, it’s only a “complex” when it’s all in your head.

The video below shows one of the latest assaults perpetrated against a pro-natural marriage supporter by a screaming and screeching student at Arizona State University. This obviously disturbed student, acting almost demon-possessed, goes berserk when he sees a man on campus holding a sign warning homosexuals that Judgement Day is coming.

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This video, which was posted online on Monday, clearly reveals an unidentified Arizona State University student attacking a Christian man for merely exercising his religious and free speech rights.

From the outset of the April 23 menacing encounter, the student is heard screaming at the man, “It’s filthy!”

“Just stay away, if you don’t like it,” the man displaying the sign replies.

And immediately, the clearly irate student goes on the attack and grabs at the sign. He is then thrown to the ground by another individual, named Mark, who appears to be the demonstrator’s partner.

“You b*tch!” the student screams. “F*** you!”

The man displaying the sign repeatedly calls for peace. Nevertheless, the student remains extremely agitated and again charges the demonstrator before being pushed away.

Despite further appeals for the deranged student to leave the location, he keeps shouting, “What the h*ll are you doing?,” “F*** you! F*** you! You call yourself Christian,” and “Your sign is f***ing offensive.”

The demonstrator holding the sign then steps down from the curb and appears to reach out to the distressed and out-of-breath student who repels his gracious advance by swatting at him and saying, “I don’t like you.” The man then lays the student’s watch, which apparently came off during the scuffle, at his feet.

“This man assaulted me, but I’m not going to press charges,” the Christian man says as an individual with campus security arrives to quell the commotion.

“The video posted on the internet shows a person becoming upset with an individual on campus who is expressing his personal religious views,” said Sharon Keeler an ASU spokeswoman.

“ASU is strongly committed to freedom of speech and a college campus represents a marketplace of ideas. Respect for that right sometimes results in speech that others find offensive,” Keeler added. “The university also stands against any assault upon the dignity and value of any individual through harassment that substantially interferes with his or her educational opportunities, peaceful enjoyment of residence, physical security, or terms or conditions of employment.”

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