Washington Posts Timely Attack on Barr Night Before Senate Testimony

Over the past 3 years, the Washington Post has proven time and again that they hate Donald Trump and most everyone associated with him.

Like the New York Times, CNN and other liberally controlled media outlets, the Washington Post has been caught more than once pushing fake news designed to hurt Trump.

So, it was no surprise to some to see the Washington Post launch a news story which they blew out of proportion and misrepresented the truth about Robert Mueller and Attorney General William Barr.

The launch of their twisted post was specifically timed the day before Barr was to appear before a Senate Committee.

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Fox News – Andrew McCarthy: Mueller’s letter to Barr – A neat trick by the Washington Post before hearings begin – “Mueller complained to Barr about memo on key findings.” That’s the banner headline at the top of the Washington Post’s website Wednesday. But when you click your way to the actual story, it turns out that the headline is not true. Special Counsel Mueller’s complaint, which targeted Attorney General Barr’s March 24 letter explaining the report, is not about the “key findings.” It’s about the narrative.

Mueller’s complaint is that Barr “did not fully capture the context” of Mueller’s magnum opus– the “nature and substance” of the report.

This complaint was set forth in Mueller’s own letter, dated March 27. The letter is a microcosm of Mueller’s collusion probe: sound and fury, signifying nothing; an investigative process predicated on no criminal conduct, which generated crimes rather than solving one.

Parsed carefully (which you have to do with the special counsel’s Jesuitical work), Mueller is precisely not saying that Barr misrepresented his key findings. He is saying that he and the Clinton/Obama minions he recruited to staff the case wrote the report with a certain mood music in mind. To their chagrin, Barr gave us just the no-crime bottom line. Mueller would have preferred for us to feel all the ooze of un-presidential escapades he couldn’t indict but wouldn’t, from his lofty perch, “exonerate.” …

What the media is willfully ignoring is that Mueller has the legal background to determine whether or not there was sufficient evidence to warrant an indictment of President Trump, but he didn’t believe he had enough evidence to do so.

They also ignore that all Barr did was to agree with Mueller.

They also ignore the fact that Barr and Mueller talked and at the time, Mueller has no complaints.

They also ignore the fact that it was Mueller who helped with the redaction of the released report.



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