Was the International Space Station Intentionally Sabotaged?

The International Space Station has long been championed as a symbol of international cooperation.

However, the $115 billion space station sprung a leak, described as a 2mm diameter hole that was allowing valuable oxygen to escape.

No one seems to know what made the hole or what mysteriously plugged the hole and stopped the leak.

Russia’s space agency Roscomosmos, believes the hole was drilled through the wall of the space station in an act of sabotage.

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They are planning on having their cosmonauts conduct a space walk to investigate the mysterious leak.

(The Daily Beast) – NASA and the Russian space agency on Aug. 29 discovered a hole in the International Space Station that was leaking the station’s limited supply of breathable air out into space.

And immediately the question that presented itself, ready made for a grim outer-space thriller, is who done it? The implications are so sinister—sabotage by someone on the ground, or, creepier still, one of the six astronauts on board—that initial reports suggested it was a puncture by some random space junk. But that no longer appears to be the case.

Controllers on the ground directed the station’s inhabitants to patch the hole with tape. After the simple repair, the station—humanity’s only off-world habitat—is fully functional and there’s no danger to the crew, NASA said.

But according to the Russian space agency, the hole might have come from someone deliberately drilling through the thin hull of the Soyuz resupply capsule that, at the time NASA detected the leak, was attached to the Russian side of the station…

Was it an act of sabotage or did the space station get hit by a tiny piece of debris or space dust that fills the void of space?

How many of you have ever seen a shooting star?

Most of those shooting stars are tiny pieces of dust or remnants of asteroids, meteors or comets. They are so small that they often burn up in Earth’s atmosphere.

This has all of the makings of a Hollywood whodunit.



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