Was Someone in Florida County Trying to Steal Election [VIDEO]?

After so much controversy surrounding hanging chads on election punch cards and the hacking of voting machines, steps have been taken in many states to make sure there is no tampering with ballots.

In the case of paper ballots, the transfer of the ballots are required to follow a chain of custody, much like evidence collected in a criminal investigation.

This requires that all transporting of ballots be conducted by trusted election officials and that signatures are required whenever the ballots are transferred from one person to the next.

However, paper ballots cast in Broward County, Florida were seen being transported in private vehicles and rental trucks without any signatures maintaining the chain of evidence and no one seems to know what happened to those ballots.

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The Washington Standard – I do not have any explanation for what you are about to see.  On election night in Broward County, one deeply concerned citizen captured video footage of ballots that had been transported by private vehicles being loaded into a rental truck in the middle of a parking lot.  Nobody seems to know why the ballots were transported in that manner, why they were being loaded into a rental truck, or what happened to the ballots thereafter.  There are supposed to be very strict chain of custody requirements for all paper ballots, and obviously what is going on in this video appears to be extremely shady.  Could it be possible that somebody in Broward County was trying to steal an election?

This video has caused quite a stir since it was posted on YouTube, and the following comes directly from the video’s description

Caught On Video: Concerned citizen sees ballots being transported in private vehicles & transferred to rented truck on Election night. This violates all chain of custody requirements for paper ballots. Were the ballots destroyed & replaced by set of fake ballots? Investigate now!

We all remember what happened during the presidential election of 2000, and now Florida is headed for more vote recounts.  Hordes of election lawyers are descending upon the state even now, and charges of election theft are already flying…

Don’t forget that Broward County was found guilty of destroying many ballots in the 2016 congressional race.

Broward County is traditionally a Democratic voting county.

Some reports are saying that there may be as many as 24,000 ballots cast for the highly contested race for Senate seem to be missing.

Since Republican candidate Rick Scott only holds a 17,000-vote lead over Democratic opponent Bill Nelson, one has to wonder how many of the missing ballots from Broward County were cast for Scott.



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