Was Feinstein Copy of Ford Letter a Fraud?

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) has made no secret about her dislike for President Donald Trump and everything he does and wants to do.

She has been fighting Trump at every opportunity she has had.

She claims to have been possession of a letter from Prof. Christine Blasey Ford for the past three months, accusing Judge Brett Kavanaugh of a sexual assault that supposedly took place 36-years ago in high school.

One has to wonder why she waited until the week of Kavanaugh’s scheduled confirmation vote by the Senate Judiciary Committee to reveal the accusation against Kavanaugh?

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It’s now being reported by one source that a document examiner looked at the letter and says it has many problems and believes it to be a fraud.

(Gateway Pundit) – Another Internet sleuth released a series of tweets that are damning to the letter provided by Senator Feinstein from Dr. Ford who accused Judge Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct nearly 40 years ago.

The Internet is the place where individuals with different backgrounds and skill sets are able to combine their efforts to address the many lies in the MSM today.  This happens all the time and the MSM hates it when their lies are uncovered or questioned.

Yesterday Dr. Dannielle (Dossy) Blumenthal  released a series of tweets that dissect and refute the letter provided by Senator Feinstein from the accuser of Judge Kavanaugh.  Dr. Ford’s letter is full of flaws which lead one to realize something just doesn’t add up!

Dr. ‘Dossy’ Blumenthal states that she believes Ford’s letter is written by a third party – …

If you go back a few years, you will recall that an investigation of the White House supplied birth certificate for Barack Obama, conducted by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, revealed that the official birth certificate was a forgery.

Sadly, no one had the guts to do anything about the report. Oops, the Obama administration, led by then Attorney General Erik Holder, did do something – they targeted Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his department.

That investigation also said that Obama’s Selective Service Card was also a forgery.

Democrats were also behind the infamous Steele dossier that was proven to be largely false, so should another forgery or fraud be out of question for the political party that has no morals or scruples?



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