WARNING: Democrats Pushing Massive Socialist Reform on Day 1 of House Control

The actions of Democrats on their first day of control of the House under Donald Trump’s presidency began with a bang that is defining their ardent desire to destroy America.

We already know that Democrats care more about murdering unborn children than they do in protecting America and the American people.

We also know that they want to strip the American people of their rights of free speech, freedom of religion and the right to own a firearm with which to protect themselves, their families and homes with.

On the first day of taking control of the House, Democrats were buys pushing legislation to destroy America financially, energy wise and more, all of which are part of their agenda for massive socialist reform.

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Fox News – Socialism Rising: Dems take House pushing massive government expansion, as party lurches left – The growing socialist wing of the Democratic Party will flex its muscle Thursday with the seating of the new Congress, as more self-described Democratic Socialists join the ranks and dozens of sitting and incoming members – including likely 2020 hopefuls – embrace a massive government expansion that would make FDR look like a penny pincher.

The party agenda is increasingly embracing big-government policies like “Medicare-for-all” and guaranteed jobs programs — as well as an aggressive “Green New Deal” that would include all this and more as part of a fundamental overhaul to America’s economy and specifically its energy sector.

It’s unclear when and if any of them will make it to the floor, let alone pass the House. But their growing support marks an astonishing rise for socialist-leaning policies in just a few years, and reflects a shift in the party itself. A stunning Gallup poll last summer showed Democrats view socialism more positively than capitalism. The term “Democratic Socialist” was only broadly popularized with the 2016 presidential run of Bernie Sanders, who identifies as one. The enthusiasm behind his bid underscored how ideas that once marinated on the party’s fringe were increasingly becoming mainstream…

Even though there is a growing number of Republicans in the Senate that don’t like and disagree with President Donald Trump, most of them still will not embrace the openly socialist agenda of House Democrats.

Besides, Trump would most likely never sign any socialist legislation.

However, this is a wake-up call and warning to EVERY America who still loves and values America.

If Democrats gain control of the Senate and White House in 2020, these socialist bills are certain to be the law of the land and you can be assured that the final nail in America’s coffin will be hammered in place.



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