Ward of the State = Lab Rat

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By Charlie Butts

As Congress is being asked to support a law barring the use of federal funds for medical experiments on a ward of the state, one attorney asserts that such legislation is needed.

OneNewsNow.com — “Justina’s Law” is named after 15-year-old Justina Pelletier, who was kept in Boston Children’s Hospital for 16 months as a court-ordered ward of the state after her parents objected to the withdrawal of her medical treatment.

“Hospitals are allowed to partner with social services to set up a system where a teaching hospital can essentially, against the will of parents, use foster children or anybody’s child if the [Department of Children and Families] has labeled that child a ward of the state,” Matt Barber, vice president of Liberty Counsel Action and founder of Barbwire.com, reports about Massachusetts.

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And he goes on to tell OneNewsNow what “Justina’s Law” has to do with the hospitalized children who are court-ordered wards of the state.

“The teaching hospital is in need of lab rats for various experiments. They want to do medical experimentation on live subjects — children,” the attorney explains. “And so the DCF provides the lab rats for them by appointing them as wards of the state.”

Current Massachusetts law allows a child to be used for such experiments, even if the child would not benefit from it and also even if there is more than a minimal risk of harm.

Report via OneNewsNow.com

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