The War on Terror is a Culture War

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When I read about the Islamic terrorist organization Boko Haram having kidnapped 300 Nigerian schoolgirls I was not surprised and believe me, neither was the Obama Administration or Mrs. Hillary Clinton, our former Secretary of State. After all, the name of the group means “Western Education is Sinful” and the militant ideology espoused is no different than that of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Obama and Clinton are feigning indignation and outrage despite the fact that young girls have been sold or kidnapped for sex, slavery, and abuse for millennia in this region of the world. Several countries in fact are in the process of passing legislation making it legal for dirty old men to wed 8-year-old girls! And, everyone knows that many of these girls were first sold to the “suitor” while others were kidnapped!

President Obama and Ms. Clinton have never made these issues affecting women in the Middle East and Africa a primary issue of their foreign policy agenda. Efforts to dodge this real war on women is expedient from their multi-cultural perspective because to legitimately address the same would necessitate a challenge to the core religious/social/sexual mores of the Islamic culture itself. Obama’s father comes from this region. He personally knows the history and the culture, so he is totally without excuse for not condemning it.

Have you ever wondered how the origin of the promise of 72 virgins came about? It all has to do with the disparate impacts of polygamy. Affluent men would gather so many wives that women became a high-priced commodity, out of reach of poor underclass men. The young men who might otherwise foment revolt were instead encouraged to go find wives for themselves by attacking neighboring tribes and villages. They were promised 72 virgins in the afterlife if they met with their demise in the process! Kidnapping and selling women is thus nothing new in the culture and you can bet the progressives in America will never talk about this or the boy-toys of Afghanistan either, for that matter.

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Clinton can feign surprise today, but as far back as March of 2012, Congressman Peter King wrote a letter urging the Secretary of State to immediately designate Boko Haram as a terrorist organization. This, in light of the fact the group had killed nearly 1,000 people in the previous two years. Clinton could have prevented this particular group of terrorists from amassing the resources necessary to thwart this current reign of terror.

Further, in the case of Boko Haram, Obama and Clinton would have had to admit that this Al Qaeda affiliate is proof that Al Qaeda is not waning, another admission of foreign policy failure for the administration. Boko Haram, like Benghazi, is therefore just another example of colossal Clinton incompetence.

The awful truth about the future fate of these girls in Nigeria? If the girls are rescued and returned, they will more than likely be shamed and shunned by their own people. Some will be sold as damaged goods for about $12 each.

First Published in the Santa Barbara News Press

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