War – Iran v. United States on Horizon?

It’s no secret that Iran hates the United States and would love to destroy our nation.

With the US out of the way, they would be free to destroy Israel, or attempt to destroy the Hebrew nation.

No one wants war as it would costly, in many ways, to both nations, but it’s possible that Iran could take steps in the direction of war in just a few weeks.

On May 2, waiver’s that allow the export of Iranian oil are due to expire and reports from the White House indicate that Trump is prepared to end the waivers and thus shut off much of Iran’s oil exports.

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Iran has threatened to shut down the all-important Strait of Hormuz if Trump does end the waivers.

The National Sentinel – War drums: Iran threatens to close Strait of Hormuz if Trump admin cuts off oil exports – President Donald Trump campaigned on ending wars in the Middle East and southwest Asia, but he may have another on his hand if he goes through with a plan to end waivers for Iranian oil.

And in the meantime, he could cause a major spike in oil prices, which have been inching upward for six months anyway.

The White House is likely preparing to end Iranian crude oil export waivers after they expire May 2, which would take an additional 1 million barrels of oil off the market per day. If that happens, Tehran is threatening to close the Strait of Hormuz, according to the state-run Fars news agency, which quoted a senior Iranian military official…

This is not the first time Iran has threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz, but the US allowed the waivers to continue then and thus avoided the standoff.

Trump, however, is not the backing down to threats by bullies kind of president.

He has placed the US ahead of other nations as we have seen with his trade programs with Mexico, Canada and China.

Trump is more than likely to call Iran’s bluff and if Iran does try to block the shipping lane, then it’s likely that that the US Navy will respond.



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