#WalkAway Movement Reaches DC, Worrying Democrats

Among many black Americans, there is a movement called Blexit, where they plan to leave the Democratic Party.

They are leaving because of the failed promises of Democrats like Obama and are embracing more conservative views in light of black unemployment being at record lows.

There is also another growing national movement to leave the Democratic Party and it’s referred to #WalkAway.

Many in the #WalkAway movement are the younger generation who have begun to see the light of what Democrats are doing to America.

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The #WalkAway movement is reaching the hallowed streets of the nation’s capital, between this movement and that of Blexit, Democrats have a lot to be concerned about.

The Washington Times – The founder of this political movement came forward with his proposal five months ago. In a video published online in May, Brandon Straka advised disenchanted or disappointed Democrats and liberals should simply “walk away” from the Democratic Party, which he said had embraced left-leaning values and forgotten its calling.

He simply called his new activism #WalkAway, making use of the power of the social media hashtag.

Mr. Straka’s quest has now hit the public radar. Over 5,000 people and 31 public speakers joined him Saturday in person or via video for a march and a rally on Pennsylvania Avenue in the nation’s capital. Those speakers included Diamond & Silk, Fox News host Tomi Lahren, and former presidential hopeful Herman Cain. There’s an active website. Though most of the mainstream media has yet to cover the new push, Fox News featured the organizer in a broadcast on Saturday.

“We’re walking away from the Democratic Party and literally walking toward freedom. People are fed up with what’s happening on the left,” Mr. Straka told the network…

Barack Obama was elected and re-elected largely on the votes of black and Hispanic Americans, women and millennials.

It now seems members of these demographic groups are beginning to wake up to reality and truth.

In addition to black Americans and millennials, a growing number of women voters are also turning away from the Democratic Party after what they say from Democrats during the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh.



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