WACKOS THUGS & PERVERTS: The Book You MUST Read If You Care About Higher Education

Wackos Thugs & Perverts has been published with MassResistance in Waltham, MA. It is available at Amazon.com. Make sure to check it out–it’s only $10!]

As rioters consumed Berkeley, the commentariat on both left and right worked themselves into a frenzy.

A speech by Milo Yiannopoulos was canceled as over a thousand violent radicals shot fireworks at people, smashed windows, clubbed people on the street, and started a dangerous bonfire with an electrical structure in front of a famous student union.

By the early morning hours of the next day, as frayed nerves still prevailed in the famed city of Telegraph Avenue and Sproul Hall, President Trump took the unprecedented and long overdue measure of stating that federal funds would not be guaranteed to institutions like Berkeley if they failed to protect “free speech.”

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The right largely howled in joy upon seeing a president confront head-on the supposed liberal dominance of academia, while the left quickly cried foul, accusing Trump of being “authoritarian” and trying to oppress the intelligentsia.

The Berkeley riots represent a golden opportunity to reform higher education, but it is an opportunity that can easily slip away. My book, Wackos Thugs & Perverts, was being finished for publication just as this happened. I point out the following things in this book, which are crucial to understand:

  • Contrary to what the left claims, the Kochs are not the problem threatening true scholarship–the Clintons and their acolytes are. “Clintonworld” has corrupted academia to its very core since the 1990s.
  • Cutting off money is the ONLY way to reform academia. Colleges are no longer intimidated by lawsuits, bad press, or the strength of high-minded arguments. There are no people with ethical obligations to the public good left in the decision-making structure. They will only change if their money is threatened.
  • Cutting off money has a multiplier healing effect. Many of the “warlords” and “goons” I document in the book are able to hold power simply because they are sitting on enormous amounts of public cash, with which they can be rainmakers for scores of local thugs and nutjobs.
  • Contrary to what the right claims, students are not snowflakes and they are not the problem. They are overwhelmingly not orchestrating these outbursts, but are rather being controlled by corrupt puppeteers who sit on a nexus between Democrat politicians and the bigwigs in academia.
  • Academia is the biggest problem facing American democracy. Unlike Hollywood, the news media, Wall Street, or the courts, academia has longevity and uniformity in every state of the union.
  • Clinton’s defeat in the 2016 election will only be temporary unless we do something. Her tyrannical model of political warfare by emotional manipulation is safe and unflappable in academia, waiting to regroup and re-install the dictatorship their party enjoyed during the decadent late years of Obama.
  • Contrary to what the right claims, there is racism in the academy, and a lot of it.
  • Contrary to what the left claims, virtually all movements in the academy that claim to be about race are really about LGBT ideology.
  • The right wing has lost because conservatives think they are at a debate when they are really at war; they think their left-wing adversaries are intellectuals with a different opinion when really academia is populated by gangsters and the thugs they hire. Conservatives have yet to figure out that there are no “liberals,” just corrupt racketeers in charge of the academy, who foster decadence so they can control groups of people whom they view with contempt but whom they force to depend on them.
  • If you debate “academic freedom,” you are letting Clintonworld win, because they have all the tenured professorships under their control. The best result you will get is the academic establishment’s telling you that you have a right to say what you want but you will never get a job on a campus and the left will assure that you are never listened to. The worst result you will get is the left’s dispensing with any veneers of relativism and telling you that you don’t have a right to think for yourself, because they have ways of punishing you for being different and it will be very painful.
  • Rather than worry about “bias” or “free speech,” reformers have to think in terms of anti-trust and anti-racketeering action. We need a RICO for higher education because the problem is first and foremost corruption.

There is more, more, more! But you must read the book and find out. It’s only $10!

First published at English Manif.

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